The Collegespace Story

<h3 align=”center”><em>“Anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” </em></h3>
You might have heard this phrase many times but may not have believed that it can actually lead to something unique. Here‘s a true story of how three people from our very own college not only proved this phrase to be true but have also benefitted the students of NSIT.

The idea originated in Siddharth Mehta’s mind who thought that Facebook as a social networking site was too diverse to help students of different batches to interact. He then collaborated with Sahil Gulati (founder of NSIT Portal) and Tushar Gupta to form College Space. These students of Second Year, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, then set off on a journey to explore and make their small dream a reality. The team after researching on the idea set out to work in the first week of June, 2011.

The idea of CollegeSpace is a combination of two ideas, which aimed to form a network of NSITians, wherein they wanted to combine the social and academic experiences of the students. One, the social networking website, other the NSIT-Portal, which gave updates about the latest happenings in the college and society details.

With end-less hours spent on innovating and testing their ideas, the site was finally put up for launch in a month‘s time, on 4th July, 2011. The website boasts of amazing social networking as well as giving students all the academic details they ought to know. With features like pages, groups, instant messaging and others, this site is no less than any other social network already avail-able. The website also has some amazing additional features like music player, Word-A-Day, Quotes, and News etc.

The website‘s NSIT Portal section gives regular updates about the latest happenings on the campus. Academic section of the site contains a strong collection of academic data, including video lectures, exam papers, study notes, study guides etc. There is another miscellaneous section named ‘More’, which is open even to non-members. It consists of movies, games, sitcoms, novels etc.

Within 3 months of its launch the website has gained a huge popularity amongst NSITians which is depicted by the number of members on their site which recently crossed the 1000 mark. Also the site has got more than 80,000 views till date out of which 3000 were on the day just before the mid semester exams for previous year papers.

CollegeSpace has also become an advertising hub of all societies as they post all their event updates on the site. Moreover, it was after the launch of CollegeSpace that people got to know that there are around 30 societies and Special Interest Groups in NSIT.

In future, CollegeSpace plans to collaborate with various coaching institutes so that they can get discounts especially for NSITians.

We feel that it‘s a great initiative and the people behind it are working very hard to make it a success. Wishing them luck for future, We hope that they‘ll keep blessing the lives of NSITians.

If you still have not visited <a href=”http://www.collegespace.in/” target=”_blank”>www.collegespace.in</a>, Visit now!!