Fests and Events

Innovision 2011

<h1 style=”text-align: center;”><span style=”color: #000000;”>TECHNICALLY TANGLED</span></h1>
Brains were racked. Geeks were back at their business. The brightest minds show-cased their technical prowess to outdo their contenders. It was warzone, quite liter-ally.

The well-acclaimed annual Techno-Managerial festival of NSIT was scheduled from 22nd to 24th April and enraptured the college in not only a plethora of technical, literary and managerial competitions but also captivating talks and workshops. The credit for this extravaganza undoubtedly goes to the organizing team who after a lot of efforts continued the tradition of a technical fest in NSIT.

The organizers knew that a formidable task was on their shoulders – To keep Innovision alive‘. It was their unswerving commitment that drove them to take innumerable trips of the admin to seek permission for the initially scrapped off technical fest. Aman Deep, Chief Convenor of the organizing team, shares with us, ―Apart from the government‘s rule under which every technical college should have at least one technical fest in a year; it was the tradition, the legacy of NSIT that we could not compromise giving up.‖ Once the permission was sought and the dates finalized, they worked pro-actively to make this fest a success. Their staunch dedication made them work round the clock to guarantee 3 days of techno-managerial events and scientific workshops.

The college played host to a gamut of activities which saw the confluence of various thoughts and ideas. More than 50 events ranging from mega events such as motion sensing gaming and virtual arena to software, mechanical or electronics and instrumentation based competitions were a part of this fest. A conflict between the 2nd and 3rd years over a security issue however, marred the ongoing activities considerably on Day 2. The matter was resolved later, but affected the footfalls for the remaining part of the fest.

The Innovision this year added new dimensions in the form of Track Mania under the virtual arena and Spelling Bee under the schoolbag competitions.

After a gap of almost 3 years, we had the pleasure of hosting Ankit Fadia, the world renowned computer security and digital intelligence consultant. He took the stage for his talk on Ethical Hacking and Information Security on the 24th. Fulfilling its promise of delivering its debut this semester, Radio NSIT delivered its successful pilot project entertaining the crowds during the 3-day fiesta.

Despite some minor glitches, immense opportunities were in store for those who harbored an innate passion for technical events as well as those who wished to enjoy the 3 days to the fullest.

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