Street Food

By Soumya Gupta and Archita Goyal, Batch of 2017

N [mass noun]
Food obtained from a street vendor or hawker often from a makeshift or a portable stall which ‘the doctors’ and ‘the mothers’ exasperatingly advise against. Eg: The corner shop at the end of the road is street food, Haldirams is not.

There is a dearth of good eating outlets here in Dwarka and it doesn’t take more than a semester to realize that. So, while easing the burden on your pockets and without compromising on your tastes, ‘The Alliance’ takes you around to the delicious and somewhat unexplored joints in the vicinity of our college.

1. Dwarka Sector 4

How to get there: Take a rickshaw straight or a bus or a ‘grameenseva’ till Rajapuri Chowk and walk the rest of the way (600- 800 metres) to ‘apna sector chaar’ .
Note: When we mention Sector-4, we refer to all the market places in the vicinity.


Location: Sector 5
Famous throughout Dwarka for its Chicken Salami sandwiches and burgers; but vegetarians need not despair, the cheese burgers and paneer sandwiches are equally delicious.
The price is economical and the taste incredible. Rs. 80/- for 2


Location: End of Sector 5. It’s a pretty big shop, you can’t miss it.
One of the few original Aggarwal franchises in the city, they’ve been a favourite of the sweet-toothed since neanderthal times. But sweets or not, do try out their paneertikkas.

Gula BakeryGula bakery

Location: Beginning of Sector 5 Not street food in the strictest sense of the word, but we couldn’t help but write about it. The shop has the best bakery products in the market. Their mudcakes and truffles are delectable.

2. Dwarka Sector 10

How to get there: Take a rickshaw from the campus. Should cost you around 50 to 60 bucks.

Green Dot

Location: Opposite DDA sports complex
Their soya chaaps set them apart. Think pseudo-chicken, think green dot. Have you wondered what chicken tastes like (vegetarians ahoy!)? Or is it a Tuesday today?
Here’s a solution to your moral dilemma without hurting the vegetarian sensibilities. Similar taste, similar texture, these juicy chaaps are a grudging substitute for chicken.
Speciality: Masala chaap

34, Chowringhee lane

Their Kathi rolls are famous all over, and with good reason. Their lemon chicken rolls are the best thing to happen to non- vegetarians since their conception. We share similar views for the paneer rolls too.

3. Janakpuri


How to get there: Get down at Janakpuri West station and hitch a rickshaw for St. Francis school. Sigri will be quite visible on the way.
It is the quintessential street food eatery with to-die-for tandoori momos, though slightly pricey, they’re strongly recommended. Rs.120/- for 8 momos.

C4E market:

How to get there: 1. Get down at Uttam Nagar and take a bus (711) 2. Get down at the Janakpuri West station and hitch a rickshaw

Mr. Momos

Very hygienic, great variety including some interesting combinations like chicken tikka momos, mutton momos and paneer tikka momos apart from the classic vegetarian and chicken momos.

Prem Momos

This is the typical Indian hawker and everything on his menu from fried momos (especially) to the banta to the noodles is absolutely out of the world albeit a little unhygienic. Also, this guy has got his own swag, ask anyone where the best momos are and unanimously comes the response, ‘PREM MOMOS!’

Rambir Thekedar Chaatwala (The chaatwala godfather)

What’s streetfood without a chaatwala? But this chaatwala is a step ahead, he’s what other chaatwala’s must look upto. We can vouch for the tikkis as the best we’ve ever had. The golguppas and papdichaat fight a well-contended match with the tikkis.

4. Tilak Nagar (*)


How to get there: ‘DillikiShaan’ – Metro; Little further from the book market.
Offer different kinds of flavoured panipuri like khatta-meetha, heeng, zeera and what not.

5. Tagore Garden (*)

TikkaKaala Burger wala

How to get there: Get off the metro and take a rickshaw to Cambridge Foundation School.
Ironically, their speciality is actually their MalaiChaapTikkas. Imagine yummy soya chaaps dripping with malai, roasting temptingly over a barbecue. Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it?
It’s a must try and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket either.

6. Rajouri Garden

Shawarma King

How to get there? De-board at Rajouri Garden Metro Station and head towards the main market
At Shawarma King, you can taste amazing Lebanese Rolls or Shawarmas, that too at decent rates and of course, without a compromise on hygiene. Chicken Shawarma and grilled chicken are a must try.

Chowringhee Lane

How to get there? Take a rickshaw from Rajouri Garden Station or simply walk to the TDI Mall.
It has the best rolls in entire West Delhi, the Chicken Roll and Lemon Chicken Roll being the specialty. The juicy and thick stuffing, with just the right amount of ‘masala’ make
them the cynosure of the joint.

Atul Chaat Corner

How to get there: Get down at the Rajouri Garden station, Atul Chaat Corner stands ‘visible’ in the main market.
Atul Chaat Corner is ‘the’ place for all the chaat lovers. The shop, though lacks a proper seating arrangement, offers must have chaats, and lip-smacking paavbhaaji with some distinctive flavors and spices to it. However, you are going to have a tough time navigating through the perpetual crowd there, before you can actually place your order!

(*) DISCLAIMER: These places should be visited preferably while passing by the area. Bottomline, do not especially go to these areas just to visit these places.