All Good Things Must Come To An End

For sems may come and sems may go, but ‘I’ go on forever.. ..

It is that time of the year and it is the same story every year. Or, is it?

With the seniors bidding adieu, we look back and stare into the hourglass, onto the journey they embarked on four years ago, a day which, when compared with the flux of emotions they experience now seems so mundane and lacklustre. Who knew that it would vivify the air they breathe today and the waves they will make tomorrow.

Let us consider a random college student. For the sake of simplicity, we would refer to the student as- ‘Subject’. Our theory of college states-
‘Every subject, irrespective of gender, regardless of his social circle, has to be in one of the eight phases of the Phase-o-Meter at every point of time, until he passes out of college’.

Though as different as chalk and cheese, these phases have been enjoyed and endured by each and every ‘subject’ at some point or the other during his four long years.

Our seniors have done it all, from living on the edge to jumping off it. As they close in on the finishing line, they will find out which phase did they want to land in and where they have ended. Here we let them relive the moments, reminisce the joys, the sorrows, the despair, the exultations, as this story walks them down the over-forrested, peacock ridden, seldom strolled memory lane.

It is funny how we land up or will land up in one of these phases or maybe all of them, during our four years in college, but the deep-seated consciousness in our hearts won’t change.

There is always unspoken pledge in every fourth year’s heart which can be voiced in these words:
“The once bleak black sky of our lives has now been adorned with bright lights over these past four years, the faults in them amended and painted. The kid grows to be a man and the man commits childlike mistakes and the cycle continues. We all came together from a hundred corners, having a million differences, met one another under a single roof. But it was who we were. I never had the choice of where I came from but I did have the power to decide my highway. I could do whatever I want. I could be whatever I want. I could “DO” what I have always dreamt of doing and I could live with it. I could endure the consequences. I could be what I really wanted to be. I could afford to make mistakes, I could cherish the small moments of successes, I could party every night and give an exam the very next morning, I could have done anything. I did do everything.”

The nostalgia hits. Four years of innumerable journeys, uncountable ups and downs, immeasurable connections, and boundless love and friendship.

The spasmodic but lifelong realization which hits you that maybe for the first and only time in life- I was alive, I was infinite…

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