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Does NSIT Provide Enough Time And Opportunities To Everyone To Excel?

By Satinder Pal, Batch of 2017

Ranked among the top-class engineering colleges of India, NSIT has an exultant record of producing skilled engineers, research scientists, entrepreneurs, and future leaders. The jubilant number of outstanding placements from the campus, the considerable chunk of NSITians making it to the top grad-schools, both in India and abroad, and the undeniable fraction of students who crack prestigious entrance tests like the civil services exam, etc. every year; all these astounding figures accentuate the euphoric status of NSIT as an awe-inspiring college.

A rendition of the above contemplation raises a pertinent question as to how many students are we actually referring to, who fit into the above mentioned description of an NSITian, or simply, is it that everyone succeed to rise to the status of the above mentioned NSITian? An even more specific paraphrase of this point is, “Does NSIT provide enough time and opportunities to everyone to excel?” Let us retrospect.

There is no doubt that NSIT is home to some of the brightest students nationwide-NSIT’s greatest asset of NSIT, indeed; but there are certain compromises between the institution and the students.

Almost every student curses the ‘age-old’ syllabus that is taught till date in NSIT, and the dearth of technical research opportunities is palpable. A similar realization about the faculty takes a few semesters to dawn on the students; apart from a handful of teachers, faculty members mostly adopt traditional methodologies which should have been modified with evolving technology and consequently, learning for students has mostly become restricted to just obtaining good grades.

Talking about the status quo at NSIT, the aspect of ‘mentorship’ needs to be highlighted too. There is no doubt that the skills , lessons and a structured  direction,  which can be wielded through counsel by the teachers have to be instead learnt primarily through experience and observation by the students. It isn’t fair to expect such traits and readiness in an undergraduate level student right at the beginning of his/her four years here, as the transition is usually a rough one.  And with the current culture prevailing at NSIT, there is a need for a lot of effort to be put in by the students to hone themselves to achieve the level that students in some of the other institutions are mentored and technically equipped with as per the default teaching strategies or curriculum requirements. But nevertheless, if determined, the students can overcome all these shortcomings. Of course, it won’t be an easy task, but there have been many in the past who have successfully found the right path and mentorship just with a little ‘extra’ will.

A vast majority of NSITians would concur that time is probably the biggest asset that NSIT grants to its students, which can be used wisely to explore and experiment a variety of topics and interests, get themselves involved different hobbies they admire and target a wide-range of extra-curricular activities. And NSIT, as we know provides us with minimum academic pressure, as compared to other engineering colleges, since we only have two exams per semester. This may have an upside and a downside. The upside is the extra time the students get to explore and work dedicatedly, without getting bogged down by exams, in an area of their interest. On the other hand, this may often lead to students getting complacent and taking academics a bit too lightly. As rightly quoted, “It is only time that weighs upon your hands.” So, it completely depends on the students as to how well they utilize this time and bring it to fruition. While a genuine opinion for this ample time takes the lead in favor of its merits, but despite it being a forte worth its utility, this asset is equally potent to be proved an aimless ramble for the students. One class of students often set on an embarking journey of exploration of interests, work in various student clubs and societies, simultaneously building their skill sets and nurturing their personalities aptly according to different profiles, giving their best efforts to make the best out of the available time, and often preparing for exams like GRE, GMAT, and Civil Services etc. However, there is another class of students who are not able to utilize the given time constructively. Infact this so-called ‘ample time’ often obscures their vision of goals and they end up spending their time being ‘busy doing nothing’. Owing to a lack of direction and purpose, students often spend their time and energy in activities that consume their potential in an undirected manner. This is where the disparity arises between students who initially started out with the same plate of opportunities and resources.

So, it is totally up to the students as to how well they make the best of their four years in college, with the most optimal approach towards sharpening their technical/non-technical skill-sets and the rationality of their personality. If one is destined to outstand, he/she will surely be successful, irrespective of the resources and available assets and no sort of time frame; neither abundance nor shortage of time and resources can ever hinder their objective to finally excel and outstand in their field. The only thing that is required is a source of positive inspiration that motivates them to constantly propel themselves to work diligently and an ideal figure, who reminds them constantly of the aim that they want to achieve.

So, a fathomable acceptance to the state of affairs in the college about its institutional resources and provisions is that almost everyone stands an equal chance for all the opportunities that can be strived upon, but it is entirely up to the mindset of the students and  the way they make use of all that is available to them. NSIT basically has no biased hand in the success of any student. It treats everyone equally; giving the same level ground to compete and innovate and finally providing a stage to emerge victorious in aspects of all-round development and excellence.

Student Speak


Rishabh Jaini, Batch of 2014

Rishabh Jaini, batch of 2014

My life at NSIT has taught me one thing – if you end up not liking ‘engineering’ (which a high percentage of people do) and still end up achieving nothing in your area of interest, then it’s definitely your own fault. Because culture at NSIT makes sure you have enough time and opportunity to pursue what you want and still have a reputed engineering degree in the end.

Videt Jaiswal, Batch of 2015

Videt Jaiswal, 4th year undergraduate

NSIT provides you with abundant time and resources. One can find ample ways to explore, experiment and excel if one has the personal will to do so. If we set our priorities right and keep a healthy work-play-life balance, there is no reason why classes and curriculum at NSIT can ever become a hurdle for us to flourish in whatever field we want to. However, people need to avoid making two mistakes- doing nothing and doing everything.

Vinayak Mishra, Batch of 2016

Vinayak Mishra, 3rd year undergraduate

In my opinion, NSIT provides us with a plethora of opportunities. Being from a well established and respected institution provides one with a solid platform for a good career in technical fields. At the same time, the numerous active extra-curricular clubs and societies give NSITians the chance to look beyond academics and pursue their hobbies, and who knows, possibly discover their true calling. NSIT thus gives us the best of both worlds. An individual here has all the tools he/she needs for success. Sadly, what is often lacking is an attempt to make use of them.