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Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty

At 31 years of age, filled with vigour and vitality Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty is the youngest faculty member in the Division of Computer Engineering of our college. A professed programmer, he began coding at the tender age of eight. An ardent reader of Mahabharata, he shares his experience in NSIT, and thoughts on research as a career in an exclusive interview.

Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty
Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty

Q1. Sir, let’s begin with your background. What inspired you to venture into the noble field of teaching and research?

I completed my schooling from DPS Mathura Road. Early in my childhood, I realized that programming is the only rational thing in this grossly irrational world. I wrote my first program when I was eight years old. In those days, I used to write programs in GW-BASIC and run them on a BBC Microcomputer System. I did my B.Tech. in Com- puter Science from Indraprastha Universi- ty. A couple of IT companies shortlisted me at the end of my bachelors. The job offers were luring, but my heart always strived for knowledge and led me to the field of research in computer science. The first breakthrough came in the 2nd year of my college when I received best paper award in a seminar organized by my college. I was elated to see that my hard work eventually lead to fruition. I did my M.Tech and Ph.D. from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology is my first assignment. It’s only been three months here, and it’s a phenomenal feeling to be surrounded by some of the best minds of the country.

Q2. You were a student a year back. How does it feel to be a teacher now?

It’s a nice feeling. My age places me equidistant between the professors and the students. NSIT has a reputation of drawing the cream students from in and around Delhi. It is an honour for me to teach such bright students. Moreover, being a teacher I will remain surrounded by young students for the rest of life and will never grow old, at least mentally.

Q3. What courses do you teach? Please also enlighten us about your area of expertise.

I am currently teaching a course on Computer System Organization to the fifth semester students and another course on Compiler and Translator Design to seventh semester students. I had been working on compilers for the last nine years, that’s my primary area of research.

Q4. Sir, any projects you are currently involved in? If yes, can students be a part of these projects?

I am currently researching on compiler support for energy efficient computing. I am also supervising a few compiler technology related projects. Hard-working, persevering and passionate students are always welcome from all branches. I can guide them and work with them as well.

Q5. Sir, do you have any hobby?

In my childhood I used to pursue quite a few hobbies. Nowadays, I try to take out a few hours to catch up with my reading. Earlier, I used to be fond of poetry and fiction. However, now I prefer reading biographies of scientists and history. The scientist whose biography I enjoyed reading most is Alan Turing. Isn’t that choice obvious for a computer scientist? The historic figure whom I admire most is George Washing- ton. I strongly support his notion of non- partisan democracy.

Q6. What advice would you like to give to NSITians?

My advice to all the students would be to study hard and apply whatever they are learning. They should take up projects in their area of interest. I honestly feel students must stand out. They should also change their attitude towards classroom teaching. Attending classes regularly is very important. Going back and pondering upon what’s taught is even more important. Hard work and determination never fail anyone. So if all the NSITians stay focussed, they’ll definitely succeed.