The Page Turners – The Literary Club, Debating Society, NSIT

The Page Turners was started with the objective of bringing literature enthusiasts together to share their love for the art, and exchange ideas. With Laplace transformations and Manufacturing Processes drilled into your head, you need a break from the monotonous curriculum. And NSIT is indeed full of bibliophiles welcoming the much needed change of pace.

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So we thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful for these people to meet once a month and discuss the characters and books and poems that made them laugh out loud or cry themselves to sleep (if they’re the weepy kind)? The real meaning of ‘a brother from another mother’ dawns on you only, perhaps, when you meet someone who’s in love with the same character, same book, same author as you are! And it is only through these discussions that we learn about our next favourite book, don’t we?

An initiative that began as a fleeting idea pitched to the Debating Society seniors has now emerged as a significant part of the same, with The Page Turners holding the meeting for DebSoc every last week of the month. We’ve already had a couple of meetings and the response has been phenomenal.

The way forward is a lot of roads we could take, a lot of ideas we could implement. But we want to do this the right way – letting you decide what you want! Before every meet, we will hold online polls on the genre, the form of literature, the author you’d like to discuss about. In addition, we encourage constant online engagement through articles, reviews and fun trivia regularly posted on the group. We plan on holding open-mic nights for all the poetic souls out there. Mildly Offensive Content, too, may pay us a visit soon! Our online initiation, the 3 character challenge, saw a lot of participation from freshers and seniors alike, with each person posting about the 3 characters that bewitched them and intrigued them, made them halt and think.

Comic strips, English classics, guilty pleasures, touching short stories and haunting limericks – literature is a multi-faceted, complex art that’s often confined to one medium, or one populist form. But the truth remains that from papyrus to your computer screen, a 5 worded quote to ‘The Suitable Boy’, literature in its every face has the ability to affect, change and shape the way you see the world. We wish to celebrate its every aspect with you. An ode to all the sleepless nights spent reading that one book you just need to know the ending of, reminiscent of the childhood spent staring at the brightly colored panel of your favourite comic book for a little too long with your little pretend cape fluttering subtly under the fan, as a gesture of gratitude to the characters- the ones you related to, the ones you resented and the ones you aspired to become. NSIT having its very own ‘Dead Poets’ Society’, has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

The Page Turners is still an idea in its nascence. It’s not yet a complete book but still an unfinished draft. We’ve added a few chapters but we welcome your ideas and hope it evolves as you add your own, build your own story and take it forward.