Campus Crunch

Hostel Diaries 105: Myths About the Girls Hostel

By Yashna Paliya, Batch of 2017

“I am going back to the hostel.”

“Are you going to have a pillow fight?”

Yes, my very deranged male friend, we will get to pillow fighting as soon as we get there. Did I forget to mention the bare minimum clothes?

This happens way oftener than you’d expect. And if you think harder, you’ll realise that not every hostel is like a Yo Yo Honey Singh song.

  1. Pyjamas (or not).

Hello. Hi. I’ve got news for you. This hostel does not resemble the Victoria’s Secret warehouse. On the contrary everyone in the morning looks like they just got hit by a bus, and dangerously in need of caffeine. You’ll never believe what those boots and jacket transform into. My sincerest apologies to those whose bubbles just burst.

  1. Gossips.

Gossip is such a strong word. And such a stereotype. I’ve seen guys do it with more zeal. It’s not called gossiping, it’s just sharing real important information. By any gender. We’re not sexist.

  1. Romantic movies.

Another cliche. Not every hard disk, every laptop, every pendrive consists of only ‘PS I Love You’. There’s a lot more to female movie viewing abilities than red roses and romantic mush. I’ve seen reruns of Japanese anime,  Oscar awardees, and what not. So the next time you decide to malign my fellow hosteller, do look into your hard disk’s “App Mech” folder.

  1. Perennial nail paint application.

Nails are beautiful beings and require your utmost care. Yes, some may be devoting them attention to the point of marginal insanity but have we ever questioned your fervour for FIFA 15? (Brooo, the demo’s here!)

  1. Exploring avenues.

I did some asking around. I was not disappointed. Apparently a (disturbingly) large majority responded with the same answer. To quote one, “communal showers”. The Girls Hostel does not equate to ‘The Black Swan’.

  1. Nakhras and jealousy galore.

Remember those Ekta Kapoor soaps where the protagonist is scheming and plotting out loud? And there are bouts of intensified dramatic music? And those movies (with dogs called Tuffy) where there is inexplicable drama? The Girls Hostel is not that.

We all live amicably together, surrounded by pink teddies, and click selfies all day.

  1. Bakchodi? And Girls Hostel?

It is almost always blatantly assumed that bakchodi is synonymous to the Boys Hostel. And the Girls Hostel is, well, not-so-happening. This is outright blasphemy. The Girls Hostel has its fair share of amazingly crazy nights, and days.

  1. Shopping and shopping and shopping.

This is perhaps true to a teeny, tiny extent. Every item of clothing that is bought has to be shown to a minimum of 6 people, tried on a minimum of 4 times, and praised almost about 8 times. The more the merrier in all aforementioned categories.

  1. Pillow fighting

Well, sometimes.

A note to all genders, unicorns, and hostellers:

These views of the hostels and the people that inhabit them, are solely personal and based on personal experiences. You may have your shopping bags requiring approval in the Boys Hostel and your Counter Strike in the Girls Hostel. We’re not sexist. We don’t judge.