NSIT to Wall Street

NSIT to Wall Street : Avni Jain

Avni Jain

ECE, Batch of 2013

Senior Analyst, Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Group is an American multinational banking firm involved in global investment banking, investment management, securities etc. In this interview, Avni Jain talks about her role at GS, a typical work day and her advice to NSITians who wish to pursue a career in finance.

Out of a batch of 800 students, only two were offered the job by Goldman Sachs in 2013. According to you, how was your profile different from so many others? 

Honestly, I still am trying to completely figure out what set me apart. But I feel the fact that my profile had a good mix of academic as well as extra-curricular achievements really did the deal. When GS visited campus, by then I had already completed 2 research projects under Professor Maneesha Gupta and had undertaken two internships with Texas Instruments, at the end of one of which I also got a PPO. Apart from these I had lead the event management departments of all our college fests, be it Resonanz, Innovision or Moksha. Having an all round profile, clubbed with my good communication skills really carved out a separate identity for me.

What did your job at Goldman Sachs entail? 

 As part of my role with GS, I had to work closely with the traders based out of the GS headquarters in New York. I had to maintain and keep track of our trading activity and based on the data we received, generated from the trading activity, make reports for the higher management to take important decisions.

How would you describe a typical day of work at Goldman Sachs? 

 Hectic is that one word that would describe my day. Because I worked with the New York desk, my day both started and ended late. However the most exciting part of my job was to see how decisions were taken with regards to important trading activity. Working with an overseas team really taught me a lot, not just about my job but also about the human relations.

Women are underrepresented in finance sector. Why did you choose to leave Goldman Sachs?

I chose to leave GS as it did not resonate with the my future goals. Taking the plunge was a tough decision, but I think at the end of of the day, it was the right one to make.

Why did you choose to work in Goldman Sachs over Texas Instruments? 

I always wanted to go for an MBA. Having the opportunity to work in GS was a big breakthrough in this regard, especially because it was right after undergrad. Working with GS not only initiated me in the corporate world, but also introduced me to the world of finance and the plethora of opportunities it presents and helped me in making a more well informed decision with regards to an MBA.

Was Goldman Sachs worth the hype? 

Oh totally! It’s a different world altogether, worth experiencing. Especially my time in the GS headquarters in New York was the most rewarding part. I not only learned many new things but also got the first hand experience of being on a trading floor, experiencing the adrenaline rush and being part of the hum drum. It was a great platform as I got to work with a global team which in today’s scenario has become extremely important and crucial.

Do you wish to pursue MBA in finance? Why/Why not? 

Yes I’d like to take up electives in Finance in my 2nd year, but currently I have an open mind about it all. My time with GS really helped me figure out that finance as a discipline was extremely interesting and worth exploring. But I am not making any hard decisions as of now. Ideally, I would like to take a good mix of subjects in my 2nd year.

What advice would you like to give the students of NSIT, who wish to replicate your achievements?

Just be true to yourself and work hard with a single minded focus in life. You shall achieve whatever you really wish to.