The LAST Semester

-Yashna Paliya, Batch of 2017

If you’re in your 4th year, and sitting at home in these holidays feeling adequately jobless (pun not intended, bhailog, non-tech feels you), then your plans to “make the most of my last semester” are probably underway.

  1. New Year

Bhai, aakhri new year hai saath mein, fir hum kahan tum kahan.”

You just shared the Everyone else v/s me at NeW YeAr photo where you claim you’d rather sleep at home, but who are we kidding? You’d rather be the engineer you are, and spend this New Year with your non-engineer couple friends and cry under a mistletoe. (Seems like all the firang festivals hate engineers. Can nobody blame Trump anymore?)

  1. Last trip

Bhai, aakhri last trip hai saath mein, fir hum kahan tum kahan.

If you have to guesstimate the number of students in 4th year, one approach could be the number of Goa tickets booked for Jan/Feb.

Kasol ho aayeAb Goaaaa, bro.

Kasol nahi ho aayeAb Goaaaa, bro.

Do you feel unfulfilled academically for the last four years, and feel that you’ve wasted away some crucial youth? Ab Goaaaa, bro.

  1. BTP

Kya? Kaun?

  1. Moksha

Bhai, aakhri Moksha hai saath mein, fir hum kahan tum kahan.

LOL. Like you were gonna do it any different this year.

*cough* the parking lot *cough*



  1. Classes

You think to yourself, there won’t be classes anymore. There won’t be teachers throwing you out from classes anymore. There won’t be your friend’s proxies anymore. There won’t be detain lists anymore. And your name in them. How profound, and a few years later–nostalgic.

Fast forward to first day of 8th sem.

But aaj ki subah, neend zaroori hai.

  1. The books needed for these classes
  • Sai Pustak Mahal se 400 rupaye lene hai because of demonetisation.
  • Scam for next semester parental book fund allocation. Only 3 subjects.
  • Baaki bechkar important stuff aa gya tha, bro.
  1. Internship

Kaafi sardi hai bahar, nahi?

But I kid my peers. This is the final semester and we deserve a little break. It’s not like we’re all going to be employed in companies in Gurgaon or repeat the whole same process in another college?

We’ve made our best of friends, seen some highs (and some lows), learnt a few lessons, and neatly tucked in a lot of memories. This last semester is going to be the final bow to the neatly wrapped present that NSIT has given us. I just hope we don’t get so lost in this wrapping paper, that we forget the actual present.

PS:  The authoress is mildly impressed with herself with the ‘pretty sweet metaphors’ in the last paragraph, and wanted you all to acknowledge that. Peace out.