An Open Letter To The Orlando Attacker

By Ipshita Chatterjee, Batch of 2018

Dear You,


Yes, you. You, who sought to tread the path of violence to respond to something which wasn’t right according to you or someone who wasn’t like you.

You, who decided to take all laws into your own hands – the laws of Nature and the laws of the land.

You, who cannot tolerate, let alone appreciate the beauty of diversity in all creation.

Yes, you.

No, not all men are born equal. No, not all men tread this earth with respect and dignity. But of all things you could have wished for mankind, you chose to attack diversity.

Maybe in your convoluted view of creation, all men are alike, just like you. But I shudder, cringe even, to think how a deathly silence must prevail over your land. For you, who chose to tread the path of violence, will surely pick up a gun to silence any breath which was not timed to the meter, every bird that dares to sing will be silenced.

But have you, in your “infinite wisdom” considered the fact that maybe, just maybe, it is you who are different, in a way dangerous to mankind and not the poor souls who were served your twisted justice?

For their hands are covered in their blood, the crime being choosing someone to love

And your hands are covered in their blood, the crime being choosing no one to love.