Campus Crunch

NSU: Somebody’s Indifference, Somebody’s Passion

By Nilayan Das Gupta, Batch of 2013

Absence of the Internet, library devoid of research papers and journals, no canteen: Sounds familiar? These are the problems we NSITians so often crib about. We wish someone would solve these issues but how often have we raised our voice and tried to make a difference in college? While the answer for most of us will be “not me” some decided to take a stand and make a difference. These are the people who together constitute the NSIT Student Union (NSU). This is what NSU is all about, it‟s about getting up, raising a voice against the authorities and standing up for what we want- it’s about claiming what we should have.

Forefront issue: Library
The library is of utmost importance for the students. It currently lacks the basic facilities such as a reading room, new books, research papers, journals & functional software. N.S.U. feels strongly about the degrading condition of the library and has decided to address this matter seriously.

Reorganizing the books in the library
While most of the people enjoyed their summer holidays this year, NSU initiated changes in library.
In this regard it has had numerous meetings with the director and also tabled discussions with the Library Services and Library Advisory Committee.


Library: Several issue such as prop- erly maintained database, reading room, online catalogue, internet and air conditioning were discussed.NSU still in touch with Library Services, discussions still in progress.
Canteen: NSU raised their voice against absence of canteen. Shortly after NSU was made aware that the canteen had been relocated to the place of MIC-MAC cafe.
Outdated Syllabus: NSIT had submitted a new curriculum, but due to NSIT and DCE being separate no action was taken. NSU was informed that as NSIT is an independent body now, there will be an up gradation of curriculum as soon as possible.

Their long term aim is to organize the library, increase the Internet facilities, get a better functional software and provide hundred’s of research papers and journals that are currently rotting away on the first floor.

N.S.U. is not a society. So unlike other societies one shouldn’t expect loud campaigning or publicity to draw new members. Anyone with a clear defined intention of working to voice the needs of the college without any expectation in return is invited to work.

Co-curricular concern:
NSU in its first meeting decided that no dedicated efforts are made to promote any sports or anything else. It was then decided in the meeting that we on our behalf only would organize events.

There are many more issues which were discussed at hand but what we need now, is a common voice and we are ready to raise our voice and demand for it.

Food for thought: NSU even plans to get the convocation culture back in college, anybody interested in promoting this idea is welcome to join us and work for it.