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Dr. Satish Chand

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<strong>By Gazal Gupta, Batch of 2013</strong>

Meet Dr. Satish Chand an associate professor of computer science at NSIT. He is one of the few professors who takes pride in interacting with students and guiding them on the path of research. Satish Chand in a candid chat with us shares his thoughts and the way the research projects precede under him.

<strong>For how many years have you been teaching here at NSIT?</strong>

It has been 10 years now since I joined NSIT. This college has given me a lot of experience and opportunities to grow and broaden my horizons.

<strong>What are your areas of interests from research point of view?</strong>

My main fields of interests include image and video processing and video broadcasting. It is a wide field having tremendous potential for research and the major topics include adaptive processing, multimedia signal processing, communication signal processing , non-linear signal processing ,array processing , statistical signal processing , modelling , filtering , multi-resolution , segmentation , coding, enhancement , storage and retrieval, scanning, displaying , printing, interpolation and stereoscopic processing. One can also get into the real time aspects of image and video processing.

<strong>From which departments do you generally take students for projects?</strong>

All the branches

<strong>How many projects are currently going under you?</strong>

5-6 projects

<strong>Could you please tell us about any recent one?</strong>

There is one project that Nikhil Gupta from 4th year, ICE is pursuing.

<strong>According to you has the quality of students changed over the years? What do you think would be the reason for that?</strong>

It has gone down as compared to the previous years and I would say that the lack of modern facilities like internet has led to reduction in the number of students pursuing research.

<strong>What is the procedure that you follow to select your students?</strong>

Most of the students today battle with the issue of lack of ideas for a project. There are some who end up losing interest in research because they wait for a nice idea to strike while others simply talk to the professors and try and figure out their research interest. When students approach me for a project I follow a 3 point procedure.

1. I ask them to look up the research papers and journals in a particular area. My main motivation in asking them to do so is to introduce them to the latest findings in the research.

2. Once they understand the papers they either come up with their own ideas or look upon the improvements possible in different researches and collate them into one idea.

3. Once the idea is finalised I help them make a road map for the execution of the idea.

<strong>What are some of the projects students are currently pursuing under you?</strong>

Some of my projects are based on progressive resolution encoding and decoding, procedural generation of virtual landscape, real time human gesture recognition system

<strong>Could you describe some of your research, so that the NSITians can be aware about the kind of work you have been doing at NSIT</strong>

“Live video services using Fast Broadcasting Scheme”, Journal of Communications and Network

“Extraction of desired partial block of a frame from MPEG video stream”, International journal on Futuristic Computer Applications

<strong><em>LINKS TO START IMAGE PROCESSING:</em></strong>

 <strong><em>http://oreil.ly/crEcNK</em></strong>

 <strong><em>http://bit.ly/EXRmU </em></strong>

 <strong><em>http://bit.ly/a35eTr</em></strong>

 <strong><em>http://bit.ly/cDYB0O </em></strong>