Fests and Events

Fresher’s Party 2011

<h1 style=”text-align: center;”><strong>F</strong><strong>RESH ON </strong><strong>C</strong><strong>AMPUS</strong></h1>
<em>Another year, another batch of students, yet a new celebration </em>

As the students fresh out of high school embarked on their journey of college life, they were warmly welcomed by the institute with the fresher‘s party. And the freshers definitely agreed that they could not have asked for more.

The ―Fresher‘s 2011‖was organised in collaboration with ―Hindustan times‖. It was a mega event for the freshers, filled with ample of pomp and show and a plethora of ‗college masti‘. Though the change in venue at the last moment (due to inevitable reasons) had led to a mild inconvenience, the ‗fuchchas‘ did not re-frain from having fun in every possible way that they could.

The show opened with the Mr. and Ms. Fresh Face event hosted by the HT group. It had quite a few attention-grabbing rounds. Interested students were called at random on the stage. While the guys showed off their brawns as they ramp walked in style and competed in the push-ups, the girls were not far off in putting their best foot forward, showing some interesting dance moves along with the oh-so-splendid cat walk. The participants had definitely stumped the billowing mob with their charisma. A series of other events-

like T-shirt designing were also organised for the students. The winners were awarded attractive prizes as well.

The dais was then taken over by our own college hosts- Toshit Agarwal and Neha Meena. They anchored the much awaited inter-branch talent competition. The crowd waited anxiously as the first branch- instrumentation and control engineering geared up for their band performance. The prevalent inter-branch rivalry and one‘s patriotism towards one‘s own branch was summed up in two short words- ‗sucks‘ and ‗rocks‘. While some performances had disappointed the audience, there were others, like the ECE dance performance and the belly dancing by the ICE and IT branch, which left the crowd baffled and dumbstruck! KUDOS to all the participants, no matter how their performances went, for gather-ing up the courage to face the angry mass and for entertaining them at the same time!!

All in all, the freshers‘ party came across as a refreshing retreat from the mundane initial days of the col-lege that had seemed no different from school to the students (except the fact that they had got a good rid-dance from their uniforms!!) It was only the freshers‘ party that brought in the fervor of college life amongst the first years and gave them a reason to feel that there is much more to look forward to.


Student Co-ordinators

1. Toshit Agarwal

2. Sahil Gulati

3. Ankush Agarwal

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