Fests and Events

Resonanz 2011

<em>The bell has rung. Black cat has been seen. </em>

<em>The ‘WITCHES’ will come true. Pumpkins are gleaming. </em>

<em>Moon laughs and whispers.. </em>

<em>”Where frequencies Diverge.. </em>

<em>Where parallels Converge.. </em>

<em>Get ‘Resonated’.. </em>

<em>Where Ecstasies Merge!!! </em>

Resonanz – The Bliss Reawakens….This ‘Halloween’ !


With this the promotion for Resonanz‘11 began, promising to be a joy ride for both the first and second years as it was the first Resonanz for both. With pumpkins kept and scarecrows set, the theme of the fest (Halloween) was well presented.

The fest started on a high note with the inaugural play performed by Ashwamedha. It was followed by Inter Branch skit competition ―Natyamanch‖ in which ECE was crowned as winner and IT were the runner‘s up. The highlight of Day 1 was Panache-The Fashion Parade which caught attention of every student of NSIT. Models oozing with confidence NSIT‘s glamour quotient had reached new heights. The first round was ethnic wear followed by a party round. The first position was shared by IT and BT. And ECE stood second.

The Day 2 began with ―Rangmanch‖- An Interbranch Dance competition. The event saw some amazing and unique perform-ances by various branches. The best and most entertaining was by IT which helped them grab the first position. Rangmanch was followed by Mr. N Miss Reso contest in which Kush Pratap Singh Bhadauria was crowned as Mr. Reso and Garima Basumatary as Miss Reso. A performance by Saumya Gupta of ECE, Second Year, during Mr. N Miss Reso mesmerized everyone specially the hostellers. He presented his self written poem ―Hostel main paani nhi, baaki sab theek h‖ and audience had no words but just applauses for its appreciation.

The mega event on Day 2 was Zephyr which saw the band Pratigya performing live. The crowd enjoyed the performances and danced to their tunes.

In all, Resonanz 2011 was a success and has kept the tradition of this fest ALIVE!!!

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