Fests and Events

Sports Tournament 2012

Expecting an amalgamation of culture, technology and literature, the even semester began with the recreational extravaganza of Annual Sports Meet 2012, in the second week of January. This meet facilitated not only the revival of NSIT’s wrecked sport’s infrastructure, but also paved the way for competitive excellence among the examination ridden youth.

Like every top engineering college, NSIT can be classified in the league of third world sporting communities, by default. In the wake of providing a balanced environment, a group of 3rd years, along with the NSIT physical training faculty, particularly Mr. Praveen Saroha, materialized the idea of sports meet in January. Inter-branch sporting events were held for a versatile range, including field sports, indoor sports and power lifting.

Leaving aside several discrepancies, regarding clash of events with classes and incoherent schedule changes, the sports meet was an overall success. To ensure ample participation for all, league matches were held in place of traditional knockouts for girls, seeing there lesser proportion. Adding to the frenzy, were free food Coupons, which were distributed to all the participants, irrespective of the match result. The organizers roped in all there efforts to meet the desired infrastructure and standards, by having official referees and umpires, and by providing proper sports kit and accessories for all the events.

Ailing from the gloomy and monotonous study curriculum, the students eventually had a breather in the form of Sports meet. It also laid down the foundation stone towards the Annual Sports Fest, Utkarsh, which will be held in March 2012. Seeing the sponsors and support pouring in, one can expect an everlasting sporting avocation this semester.

<p align=”center”><strong>List of events </strong></p>
<p align=”center”>1. Cricket</p>
<p align=”center”>2. Football (Men &amp; Women)</p>
<p align=”center”>3. Basketball (Men &amp; Women)</p>
<p align=”center”>4. Volleyball (Men &amp; Women)</p>
<p align=”center”>5. Lawn Tennis (Men &amp; Women)</p>
<p align=”center”>6. Badminton (Men &amp; Women)</p>
<p align=”center”>7. Chess</p>
<p align=”center”>8. Carom</p>
<p align=”center”>9. Table Tennis</p>
<p style=”text-align: center;”>10. Athletics</p>