Fests and Events

Renewable Energy Festival

NSIT became a part of India‘s orange revolution and saw its first ever renewable energy festival on 18th January. Stunned? Wondering when did this happen??

It started with few of our third years visiting the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

After several trips to the ministry, Ankur Goel, Bhanu Pratap Singh, Deepak Yadav,

Kavinder Yadav and Manoj Kumar were able to prove their dedication towards this issue. Thereafter they were informed about the ―Urja Yatra‖.

The festival held in our college was part of the last leg of a <em>“yatra” </em>before organization of the First India International Energy Summit (IIES) at Nagpur. Eminent personalities such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Dr. R Chidambaram, Dr. P.B. Sharma spoke at IIES between January 28 – January 30 in Nagpur. Initially the <em>yatra </em>was supposed to visit DTU, Delhi University‘s North cam-pus and JNU. However, the third year stu-dents were instrumental in getting the <em>yatra </em>to our college. So after a month of hard work by the third year students, NSIT became one of the milestones for the prestigious nation-wide yatra.

During the festival students were shown documentaries to make them realise the need for clean energy in India and making our country self reliant in terms of energy requirements. Call it the charm of our college mates or his own grace that Dr Maithani (Director, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) attended the welcoming function of only our college as com-pared to the rest in Delhi. Engineers from Moserbaer presented their LED lamps that use solar panel to recharge their battery. However arguably the zenith for the festival was when Alok Kumar and Jai Kumar from 2nd year were granted a patent for a mechanical charger that they built. The event was a great success and marked the beginning of the Orange Revolution in India.

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<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>Aditya Kumar welcoming Dr Maithani (Director, MNRE)</strong></p>
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<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>Urja Yatra Trucks used in the renew-able energy festival</strong></p>