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NSIT Quiz Fest

With an aim to promote quizzing culture in the college, the NSIT Quiz Club is back with its annual NSIT Quiz Fest which is scheduled to be held from 11-13 Feb 2011. This time the event is bigger and better than last year.

With a total of 12 quizzes (6 main and 6 filler), Quiz Fest will not only see the famed colleges of DU and IP vying for the glory, but also some of the top B-schools and engineering colleges of North India battle it out for the coveted top spots. The gala event promises to have something for everyone with the quizzes distributed across different themes: Sports, Business, Entertainment, General, Music, India, Science and Mythology. Keen on not missing out on even one quizzing enthusiast, the organizers led by Abhinav Ghosh (ECE, 2008-2012.) have adopted an aggressive publicity strategy with not only posters and banners but also regular posts online via Facebook and other prominent national Quizzer Groups.

With cash prizes for winners as well as audience prizes, the event is sure to capture the minds of the entire college. So, get ready to pit your brains against some of the best minds of the quizzing circuit such as Avinash Mudaliar, Samanth Subramanian, Varun Rajiv, Dr. Subrojit Bhattacharya and Kunal Malhotra. All the Best!

<em>*HAL—History Arts and Literature </em>

<em>*LSD—Love, Sutta, Daru</em>