2011 taught me that…

2011 passes. This year has been different; I got an altogether different education and it is called life. If I could write in a few points, here is what I life told me, in no particular order.

  • When you lose confidence in yourself, no-one can help you, not people or books or anything. It just has to be you to pull yourself back.
  • There are times when you think you know all about “something” and you definitely are right? No you are wrong; life slaps you and pulls the rug from under your feet.
  • Wanting and doing are two separate things.You could add dreaming as well.
  • Most people don’t change, they inherently remain the same. Yes but the camouflaging part gets better.
  • There are so many beautiful and amazing things out there, don’t let procrastination, human tendencies and norms bind you.
  • Having faith in God or universe or humans or a stone makes difficult times get by easier.
  • Eddie Vedder and David Gilmour can cause aural orgasms.
  • You know why some bands are mainstream and famous? Because they are good and have stood the test of time!
  • Yes, we do place our happiness in other people’s hands.
  • Also the best for the last,There are four kinds of people in this world:
    people who like you for the wrong reasons;
    people who like you for the right reasons;
    people who dislike you for the wrong reasons; and
    people who dislike you for the right reasons.
    And it’s only the last group you need to worry about.

I know all of the above has been said time and again by “wise” people, but it’s when you actually face it, then you get it. Cheerio 2011!

Arjun Singh

Batch of 2013