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Fee Hike for NSITians

By Ishan Nigam , Batch of 2014

The fees for the students who entered NSIT in 2010 was raised to Rs. 48,000 from the previous academic year. This was exactly 2 times of what the students who came in an year before, in 2009, were paying. However, for some reasons, the Delhi Government has decided to increase this further by another 39%. And the surprising bit is that the current students are also expected to suffer this gross insensitivity!

A number of students(and more importantly, their parents) choose engineering colleges based on the fees as well as the services provided in return for the money paid. The class of 2013 is expected to pay nearly 3 times the fees that it was expected to pay for each of its academic years. There will be very few parents who will not feel the pinch of the extra Rs. 41,000 that they will have to pay for their child’s degree. The services provided have certainly not increased to justify the increase in the fees, if they have improved at all!

The authorities may have their reasons to justify the fee hike and I do not wish to contest those reasons. The simple fact of the matter is that current students will be forced to pay a significant amount more than they wish to for their undergraduate education. Some of us might be forced to take up student loans simply because we cannot afford it. Most students try to avoid the situation of taking loans during their undergraduate studies as they need to take loans for their pst-graduate education. For example, an MBA from any decent institution will force most of us to take up a student loan. The current students have no choice in the decision that has been shoved down their throats in the form of this notice. Atleast the incoming batch has an option to choose whether they wish to pay an amount which may or may not justify the facilities provided.

There is discontent, there are talks of revolt, of protests. But there is no common group for us to come together. We must take up this issue with the authorities, as a a collective unit. The present students of NSIT must stand up for once as one and make sure that we are not forced into this situation without making our voices heard.

This is the link to the notice : http://nsit.nic.in/Candidate/ViewMessageFile.aspx?msgid=42

 Ishan Nigam

Batch of 2014