The Metamorphosis – School to College

Once there lived a tribe of over-worked, under-paid, frustrated and devoid-of-life‘s-pleasures people. They toiled hard, withstood abuse, jeers and taunts, and had foggy dreams in their eyes. They lived a pitiful life bestowed with a destiny partial against them.

The description above is not of Egyptian slaves but of science students in 11th and 12th standard. Their woeful days of toils and travails end when they seek redemption by gaining admission in a prestigious college. Life seems spectacular and dreams become rosy again. The metamorphosis has taken place.

Most of us had a pretty uneventful life in the last years of school with studying for JEE acting as a major party-pooper. We had our noses buried deep in books, advocating reagents being used in reactions to concepts of centripetal motion. We forgot that 16 and 17 year olds had to perform other tasks as well; like attending the birthday of our best-friend to making a card for mother‘s day to giving a kickass farewell to our school senior.
We did it to land up in a celebrated college which guaranteed a six figure salary and a mansion with swimming pool.

Now it‘s time to mutate into a college hot-tie from a school kiddo. College is one en-tertaining episode of life. It‘s a phase where experimentation is the norm. It‘s a place where failure is not taboo. It‘s a place where people come together to form the delicious flavor of that assorted sundae. It‘s a cauldron of whipped love. It‘s a place where people escape from their mundane interests and be a part of the movement which bellows- be yourself.

College is like this bridge between your dreamy placements and drone-like studies in school. To treat it only as a bridge will be blasphemy, my juniors. Treat it as that phase of life where everything you do is governed by your own choice and interest.

Where the only focus of the entire soap is you-solely YOU.

The arduous path we undertook to our esteemed was not wrong. But now that we entered college, it‘s our turn to make amends. Our long cherished dream of becom-ing a part of the band should not take a backseat now. Our college is equipped with people with diverse interests and following their dreams. Take a leaf out of their book and explore yourself. Make the best of your four years and chisel yourself.

Happy college life to you first years!!!!

Yours sincerely, Ragging devoid seniors