Campus Crunch

Walk with Pride

You have walked through the gates of the NSIT campus and entered the realms of possibilities where ambitions are achieved and dreams, realized. But have you found yourself answering the often-asked question ―Which college have you joined? with ―DCE-Dwarka? If your answer is in the affirmative, you have perhaps not yet recognized the worth of your own college. You certainly are oblivious to the limitless vistas of opportunity the college has to offer. Only when you explore each one of them and work relentlessly will you see how your college catapults you to succeed in all your endeavors. NSIT, driven by renowned faculty and extraordinary young minds, has risen through the years unflinchingly and entrenched its name among the top engineering colleges in India.

 NSIT, formerly known as Delhi Institute of Technology (DIT) has been at an enviable position since 1983.

 NSIT has continuously been featuring in lists of the top 10 engineering colleges of India, both placements-wise and overall, by engineering education surveys conducted by bodies such as India Today, Outlook, Dataquest-NASSCOM etc.

 Our college students procure some of the highest packages in the country.

 NSIT has proved its prominence in na-tional and international level competitions like Harvard MUN, SAE, etc. It has also won laurels in quizzing and theatre.

 Have a look at some distinguished alumni-

Sanjay Mittal – CEO, Bharti Airtel Limited, Airtel Cisco Strategic Alliance

Jayant K Singh – MD, Henkel India (Past Country Head, Proctor & Gamble Sri Lanka)

Manish Mittal – Vice-President, American Express

Manish Sangal – Vice President, ICICI Prudential life insurance Co. ltd.

 Only a few colleges can boast of a sprawling 145 acres campus.

 It‘s at the heart of metropolitan Delhi!

Fuchhas, keep the faith! I‘m sure that as you take on this fruitful 4 year long jour-ney, you‘ll find plenty more reasons to love and honor your college. So it‘s time to wear a confident demeanor and flaunt the illustrious college name. With an emphatic tone and head held high, let the world know you are an NSITian. After all, that‘s who you are! And even when years roll by and college-days become a faint memory, you will reminisce about your alma mater and feel nothing less than PROUD.