Campus Crunch

From the Fuchcha’s Mouth

After having spent 12 years as a caterpillar in its cocoon, the butterfly cracked it open and spread its wings into the outside world with the aim to let go of all and fulfill the many dreams it had nurtured till then.

2 years of rigorous hard work, an aspiration to bring home the bacon followed by months of confusion to choose the best possible college landed Ikshu Bhalla with Computer Engineering in NSIT. Having secured a rank of 3618 in AIEEE and a good score in BITS, he was faced with the dilemma between NSIT – Computers/Electronics and BITS- Chemical or civil. After being guided by seniors at NSIT and his teachers, whose opinion he valued a lot, he realized the long term benefits of staying in Delhi and learnt about the stupendous record of placements at NSIT. Following the general perception about Computer Engineering being the most preferred branch universally, he finally got his shoes ready for the same.

Though having set his mind for NSIT, he felt somewhat dejected on having found that among the general public, outside Delhi, hardly anybody was aware of NSIT. This remains a major factor which has disappointed many NSITians to this day but nevertheless has motivated many more to take charge and show it to the world that it was not the brand, nor the tag but the quality which counted. Ikshu has heard that the curriculum in our college had not been revised since long and hopes the college authorities would soon look into this. At the same time, rearing to explore all the avenues in front of him, he expects to find good and absorbing co-curricular activities. Having interests in fields like music, sports and robotics he looks forward to sharpen and exploit his skills. Having already visited the campus, he says that it is a clean, green and an airy campus and he expects to find good infrastructure in the form of well equipped labs and an informative library. Like all students entering the college and hoping to find a more relaxing atmosphere he wants the curriculum to be more innovative and application oriented. Ikshu believes that being friendly and interactive with teachers would help him to gain from their valuable guidance in various projects.

Talking about seniors and the fear of ragging, he says he would be delighted to have a nice and healthy interaction with seniors but wants the same to happen within code of conduct. It seems the freshers have fully prepared themselves, having done a thorough research on NSIT and are all set to enter NSIT for an absorbing 4 year stint.