Professor Profile

Mr. Pradeep Khanna

By Ayush Maiti, Batch of 2015

Mr. Pradeep Khanna
Mr. Pradeep Khanna

Mr. Pradeep Khanna is one of the eminent faculty at NSIT and his name needs no further introduction. Famously known as ‘PRK sir’ among NSITians, he is one of the teachers about whom every NSITian is familiar.

With clear and logical thoughts, impressive teaching and practical approach, he is a teacher who is idolized by every student. He has valuable industry experience which helps him to adopt a practical approach and mentor research projects.

Q.Sir, How long have you been teaching arena? How has the experience been so far?

A. I started my career by working in companies like Den Foss India Ltd., Bajaj Machines (I) Pvt. Ltd., Festo Controls Ltd. etc. and joined NSIT in February 1999. My teaching experience has been good till now and I enjoy teaching my students.

Q. What’s your opinion regarding the college offering Manufacturing Processing and Automation Engineering (MPAE) and not a core mechanical stream?

A. MPAE is a specialized branch of mechanical conceived to bridge the gap between mechanical and automation, which is a good combination. Also it is aimed to cater the increasing automation demands in India. The curriculum does not have many core mechanical subjects like refrigeration, internal combustion, automobile engineering etc. However it has some different subjects like Mechatronics, Microprocessors, Industrial automation etc. which gives an edge.

Q. What are your areas of interest and key research fields?

A. Mechanized feeding, welding, low cost automation are few of my key interest areas.

Q. Please tell us about some recent projects that you are mentoring and any project which you personally like?

A. I personally like live projects which are done in association with industry because they provide experience about current industry needs. Few of my past projects are :

  1. Design and Fabrication of Continuous Variable Transmission.
  2. Design and Fabrication of sensor based part identification, sorting and transfer system.
  3. Automation of a Low Vision Aid.
  4. Automated soldering system of stringing on silicon wafers.
  5. Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Agile sorting and Feeding System.
  6. Friction stir welding of Aluminium alloys : Practical study and analysis

Q. From which departments do you generally prefer to take students for projects?

A. I generally guide projects done by MPAE students, though student from any branch is welcome as long as he is enthusiastic and hard working.

Q. Any procedure that you follow to select students?

A. There is no strict and particular criteria of selection. I generally watch out for enthusiastic and hard working students for the projects.

Q. Have you also been involved with societies such as Bullethawk & Motorsports?

A. I am faculty in- charge of NSIT Motorsports.

Q. We see many students drifting towards non – technical profiles & management courses. Why aren’t they inclined towards technical profiles, in your opinion?

A. Students prefer to go for management courses due to limited number of technical MPAE jobs offered in NSIT, for better future prospects and many also follow the prevailing trend.

Q. What are the improvements that should be made in the MPA department and the college in terms of Faculty/Labs/Course Curriculum?

A. Increase in quality faculty, modern labs and updated course curriculum is always needed in an institution to achieve excellence and we also try to achieve it.

Q. Any advice you would like to give to NSITians?

A. Have positive attitude and sincerity to succeed as these two are the most important things in life.