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Colloquium ’13 : The Beginning


<strong>By Shrey Bansiwal, ECE, Batch of 2015</strong>

When the world’s in a tussle,
And the streets, they bustle,
And cries go unheard,
We rise up, raise our voices

When the leaders of today,
Sit back while times turn grey,
And pleas are unsaid,
We rise up, raise our voices

When the globe stands still,
In the darkest hour of peril,
And justice is long forgotten,
We rise up, raise our voices

Strong of opinion are we
Vehement in argument are we,
We are the voice of the nation.
We are the debaters of every notion

This Good Friday, it was a field day for the Debating Society of NSIT, as Colloquium’13 kick started, and how. The very first event, Panel Discussion, which was slated to be held in the Main Auditorium at 10:00 hours, saw a panel of four revered panellists, Mr. Anubroto Roy, Ms. Ira Trivedi, Mr. Ashwin Sanghi and Dr. Mallika Sarabhai, enlightening the audience with their valuable opinions, suggestions and advices, and true to the topic, these are the round pegs in square holes.

They inspired the audience to see life with a different and meaningful perspective and make the right choices in life. Also the education system of the Indian society came under scrutiny but thoughts flowed both ways as to how we stand in reason. Dr. Mallika Sarabhai was well applauded on her statement that one need not be an Ace of one, but can very well be the Jack of all trades while the venerated Mr. Dunu Roy suggested that it must be our interests that drive us on the path of our carriers.

The Panel Discussion was followed by the conventional debate that saw participation from ten colleges and two school teams. The topic (given on the spot) was ‘this house is frozen fire’. While Lady Sri Ram was adjudged the best team, the award for the best speaker –for and against- was bagged by Hansraj and DTU respectively. Venkateswara school garnered the best interjector prize.

The Author Aisle went on parallel with the Conventional Debate in the main auditorium wherein Mr. Ashwin Sanghi, the author of three best sellers, The Rozabal Line, Chanakya’s Chant and The Krishna Key was bombarded with various questions from the audience that varied from perceptions of different people on mythology and reality to the author’s personal life, his inspirations and what encourages him to write.

The literary quiz turned out to be a success as seventeen teams were left wracking their brains in the main auditorium as a chain of mind boggling questions were put up on the screen.

At the comics workshop, Mr Akshay Dhar shared his unfathomable love for the Indian Comic Industry which seems to be growing day to day. He shared his journey as he realizes his dreams and works day and night in getting better and newer comics to the indian audience. Taking the show to a higher level, Mr Pran, who gave life to the famous characters of Chacha chowdhary, Pinky and Billu also dazzled on the stage with his immaculate free -hand drawings . He emphasised on having a good sense of humour as a pre-requisite for a better lifestyle. The audience definitely was lucky to have amongst them, such great personalities.

All in all the first day of Colloquium’13 was an accomplishment and the Debating society deserves commendation for putting such a fest up in our very own college.