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Colloquium’13- Day 2 and debating starts.

<strong>By Shrey Bansiwal, ECE, Batch of 2015</strong>


When we sit together, as one body

We argue, we debate, we discuss, we shout,

In the endeavour to make this universe better,

We sing together, our uni’verse’

With the aim of taking one more step towards national integrity and international peace and harmony, the second edition of NSIT MUN took place in the premises of NSIT
As the delegates marched in with heads held high, carrying airs of professionalism, the on-look-ers knew that it was going to be a set of sessions to be a part of.
All the four committees- the Human Rights Commission, the Security Council, the General Assembly, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization experienced a heated atmosphere of fervent discussion on the respective agendas which were <i>Israeli practices and its effects on the human rights of the Palestinian people in occupied Palestinian territory</i>, <i>Privacy and property in the Facebook and freeware Age</i> and <i>the role of SCO in providing security, reconstruction and development in Afghanistan after 2014
The second day of Colloquium saw a charged up cohort of participants not only in the MUN conferences, but also in the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) that went on parallel to the MUN. It was the first time that a JPC was introduced at the college level. The rules of procedure had two sessions instead of following the conventional format which has ten or more sessions. The topic of debate was ‘Limiting the benefits of Direct Cash Transfer Scheme to the holders of Aadhar (UID) cards’.

The highlights of the day, however, had been the food that was served to the delegates of both the conferences. The delegates definitely went back home with their mouths full and tummies content.

The inside story:

#NSIT MUN simulated the HNMUN concept of dedicating a rose to another fellow delegate of the opposite sex. The delegates hope that NSIT MUN keeps introducing such mood lifting ideas in the conference and give the delegates a breather amidst the grave conferences. Did someone say ‘love-struck’?

# The IP also did a great job lightening the solemn atmosphere with their prompt photography that caught sleeping delegate’s red handed, and the ability to fish out humour out of everything they come across.