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Colloquium’13 – Day 3 and the after-effects

All’s well that ends well, said Shakespeare. Yet, the organizing committee of Colloquium’13 disagreed  with this adage, not because there were goof ups during the fest- rather it was pulled of really well- but because all of it had to come to an end. However, the Organizing committee was definitely happy with the events that were carried out and the success they tasted. Here are some highlights.

NSIT MUN continued on the 3<sup style=”line-height: 19px;”>rd</sup> and the final day of the Debating Fest and was going on throughout out the day while Crack the Case, News hour Debate and Judgement Day were held in the committee room of the ECE block. The event Crack the Case saw a tremendous response. So much so, that the number of finalists was exceeded from eight to ten, and they came up with well analysed solutions to the Case in hand. It had a panel of two judges, Shukti Jain, and Vrinda, both of whom passed out from London School of Economics. Amongst the various entries, SSCBS, took away the victor’s cup, while Delhi School of Economics turned out as the first runners up. The NSIT team bagged the best interjector award.

The news hour debate also saw participation of around 15 individuals, who exhibited a good level of debate. The first prize was bagged by Anirudh from SSCBS.
Judgement day came across as a fun event wherein various characters argued in front of God as to why they must be the one who survived the End of the Millennium. The ‘Gods’ (read judges) here ware none other than Kunal Ahuja, the founder of DebSoc, NSIT and Aastha Chhabra, President, Colloquium’13.
The closing ceremony marked the end of the fest, during which all the winners were given away prizes and certificates.

Though the fest lasted just three days, it was only the hard work by the team that had worked day in and day out for four months, which made it a success. Even with weary, sleep deprived eyes and exhausted bodies, the team smiled ear to ear as it bade the participants’ good bye. It was a fest for which the OC deserves a pat on the back, which it did get when the participants and winners gave remarkable feedbacks about the same.
Hats off from team Alliance to team DEBSOC.