Campus Crunch

Why I will miss hostel!

By Arjun Singh, Batch of 2013

I have been institutionalized to the hostel culture and it will be huge transition going home. I’m dreading it, almost. Here are some random points in a non-specific order (paragraphs are passé? No bullets are quicker.)

This is the first place where I spent four years of my life in one place. Senti hona banta hai bhai !
  • Movies, sitcoms, music and porn, available throughout the day, throughout the night. In the hostel you begin to form a good taste in the above mentioned, including porn. You would have watched all the mainstream flicks by your second year and by your third year you will know what kind of actor Denzel Washington is and you will admire him. You will watch cult, off beaten flicks, banned movies and will gain greater perspective. A great population with unrestricted internet access brings you the above. Trust me you won’t download so much as a hostel does.Fact: I know a guy who finished F.R.I.E.N.D.S! in a week or two, don’t recall exactly.
  • Fuck routine. Like fuck it completely. Remember how in ordinary life you are supposed to take bath in the morning, eat at prescribed time intervals and have humane sleeping and rising hours? Toss it out of the window, whoosh, yeah, its gone.Don’t wish to bathe for a month, no one will judge you. You wish to sleep in the daytime and be active during nighttime? Perfectly fine, no one bats a single eyelid. I know its getting unhygienic but those were the times man. I’m getting moist eyed now.
  • The feeling of doing what you wish to at any point of the day and not adhering to any authority is bliss. Hungry at 2 AM and craving for addictive substance, someone will know a place and someone will have transport. You wish to have a Maharaja Mac for breakfast? Not a

    big deal. Sudden plan of going to <Agra/Jaipur/Shimla/Murthal/Chandigarh>? Lets go bro.

  • If you have pooped in the hostel toilets, you have passed through hell and fire, the dirtiest toilet in the world will be slight prickle on the sole of your foot. I have had <spiders/pigeons/baby pigeons/horny pigeons/lizards/cockroaches/moths/strange unknown insect/dead insects> for company. I know I will never be alone now. One cockroach remained in the WC for a month, and I used to visit him every day. Ha! When these guys have survived nuclear radiation, what is a little poop to them.
  • Friends! Oh how will you not miss them in times of need and non-need. Need a nail cutter? You have a friend, want a heart-to-heart relationship talk? You have a friend. Need to chill? You have one. Need to get high? You have everyone. Need to borrow notes/bucket/handwash/shampoo/oil/copy/pen/matchbox/shoes/laptop/…………/boxers, you have someone. You know you have your other family in hostel, and you can so depend on them. I am going to miss them the most. Sigh.
  • You can come back broke at 2 in the night in an auto, and you know someone will be there with the cash. You just know that.
  • You know however much you fight among yourselves; you will be alright in a while. I have seen some pretty messed up fights, shit happens and you make up or forget.
  • Cooler (Desert) is the most desired object right now.
  • You secretly bless the guy who first downloads the latest Game of Thrones episode.
  • You crib about the mess food day and night, but still you will haggle for that extra samosa or gulab jamun. You will devise a mess-hack to have both butter and omelet on Mondays and Fridays.
  • You will leave the hostel at 9:45 for the wine and beer shop.
  • You secretly feel happy when the light goes away during exam preparation, in the evening.

God! I so miss hostel already. Sixteen days left. :’(