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Those 10 Seniors

  • By Team Alliance

It is that time of year again when you experience an unusual array of emotions.

Relief – from sheer exhaustion of end semester examinations. Befuddlement – to the fact that you survived one more year in your college.  Chuckle- at your intern, which promised to open a new window and lead to a road of self-improvement.

And most importantly, nostalgia- because you have been bereft of your seniors who initially ragged you, dragged you to mundane seminars in mini-auditorium, pestered you for the hot girl’s number in your batch, fed you free food and finally snickered at your below 70 percentage.

So, here is the list of 10 types of seniors that cover the 600 odd seniors of the batch of 2013.


*Tada tada tada* (Pardon me for my obsession for with background music)

1. The Degree Courtesy Senior

Your branch senior usually. He/She advises you on what to prepare and most importantly what not to prepare. Your knowledge about Professors’ can put a compulsive stalker to shame.  You call him when you are 12 hours away from the exam and ask what to study. Your degree will be a result of your persistent calls at odd hours to this senior.

2. The +2/+3 senior

This senior has never been sighted alone. He is usually accompanied with 2/3 people (girls: P) in his outstretched arms. His shenanigans make you gaga about him and yet at the same time you wallow in self-pity and low self-esteem.

3. The Hard taskmaster

This senior will make sure that you complete the task assigned to you or you die trying. He will make you tremble in fear, insult you and still get that work done. On the flipside, once the work is done, you are entitled to good food.

4. The Chillum Advisor

He knows the best booze. The best stuff. The most offbeat locations to hang out. He will always share his exploits with you and motivate you to go for eccentric concoctions of cocktails.

5. The Ever Smiling senior

You overshot the deadline? No problem. You overshot the deadline 6 times and admin trouble? Still no trouble. He is the ever-smiling senior who makes you believe that work can completed even after 1 year.

6. The Sitcom/Movie senior

He has all the sitcoms. And movies. And other stuff. You scrounge the multitudes of HD’s and get the latest Suits episode. Hell, you might even get a ‘Kahaani ghar ghar ki’ episode.

7. The Badass senior

He has flouted all rules. Has been involved in fights. Even talked rudely to the admin people- yep that badass. You turn to him for his gallantry speeches and his adrenaline stories.

8. The Sarcastic Retard senior

You call him mistakenly seeking for motivation for your wretched academic life. Your problems are reduced to mockery and conversation takes the road where he incessantly takes your case.

9. The Jugaadu senior

The senior who has been given the demi-god status given his skills that can liberate you from any agony whatsoever. He is well connected, has ‘people-in-right-place’*not the wrong notion* and is worshipped by many.

10. The I-want-to-become-like-him senior

The most important senior. He is someone whom you would want to emulate. Even if you be 0.001% like him you ll feel that all those coins you offered to Lord Shiva have met their purpose. You idolize, stalk and brazenly copy him in the hope of becoming like him.

This completes my list.

Batch of 2013 you’ll be missed.

And we’ll pray that they visit college often. And give us free food/parties like before. *Expecting too much I guess*