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Techelon ’13

After the resounding success of first edition of Techelon, CSI NSIT’s annual Online Tech Fest, Techelon ’13 was long awaited and anticipated. Techelon ’13 lived up to its hype, this time bigger and better. The fest was up to serve the appetite of the tech minds of the capital from 15<sup>th</sup> to 21<sup>st</sup> April, 2013. The members and the administrators left no stone unturned to make the events challenging and nerve-wracking. The week long fest played host to a multitude of events, both offline and online. The events of this tech fest were on the lookout for technical geniuses and minds with the ability to adapt to new situations and innovate.

Techelon ’13 received enthusiastic response from various technical colleges across the city. While events like IT Quiz and Math Wrath tested the technical know-how and programming skills of the participants, Blogizmo and Picmorph were successful at testing the creative and innovative skills of the participants. The events responsible for the success of Techelon ’13 are:

<b>The Inquisitor</b>: The Inquisitor, an online Treasure Hunt, was the curtain raiser to the fest. It was the first online event and an instant success. This game was played by hundreds of participants over the span of two days, answering puzzling questions level by level to emerge as winners. The event culminated with winners from NSIT and DTU.

<b>Math Wrath:</b> The event put to test the mathematical genius and programming skills of the participants. The event comprised of tricky questions, which required participants to use their mathematical and programming knowledge to solve codes and upgrade to higher levels. This event marked the beginning of Techelon ’13 and was a sprawling success.

<b>CyberSnypers: </b>One of the most anticipated events of the fest, CyberSnypers was received wholeheartedly by the hacking enthusiasts. The participants were faced with questions of various levels, each requiring immense technical know-how and the ability to work around codes. The two-day event lived up to its hype by receiving hundreds of participants.

<b>Programming Competition: </b>Any tech fest is incomplete without a programming competition. Techelon ’13 was no different. The programming competition was divided into two rounds – Novice, the online preliminary round and the Mains Round, held in college. The online round, titled Novice was widely appreciated as it encouraged even beginners to participate with easy to medium level questions. The short listed participants of the preliminary round then battled it out in the Mains round for the coveted trophy.

Apart from these events, Blogizmo and Picmorph kept the creative minds on their toes. Budding bloggers enthusiastically participated in Blogizmo – the Blog writing completion and wrote on a gamut of topics. Picmorph received interesting entries from the participants who edited photographs uploaded by the organizers and attached their imagination to the photos.

From mind-boggling quizzes to meticulous programming puzzles, Techelon ’13 had it all. With another successful fest in CSI NSIT’s crown, we can expect added grandeur in the next edition of Techelon.

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