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The Technological Orchestra – Innovision

Since the past couple of weeks, the only thing doing the rounds in NSIT except an ad, which featured an NSIT look alike admin block’s fresco and memes on Alok Nath, Innovision has managed to capture especially the 1st years’ attention. In a few closed circles, on Facebook groups, Innovision seems to have hit on the public sentiment. So much enthusiasm. So much restlessness. So much gusto. And when asked what they know about it, they say it’s the cultural fest (Lord, have mercy). Some people or I should perhaps say some fools. Huh! Oh! I am digressing. So where was I? O yeah, Innovision. Innovision is the techno-managerial fest of NSIT. It just presents the right pedestal to show case the skills, vigor, and talent of people from any field. All you have to do is to take interest and lo and behold welcome to Innovision. Now, moving over to those cynics who think a tech-fest amounts to nothing and a cultural fest is more than sufficient for an institution, they should just keep on living their moribund lives. The truth is every college needs a tech-fest. If software engineers can be closet poets, can’t a psychology student be a robotics freak? Nobody has a right to put a lid on your talent, so why stay hidden! Oh! I digressed again. So, I was saying every institution needs a tech-fest for three reasons. First and foremost, a tech-fest is a fest after all. A time for elation, fun, vitality in the monotonous college life. Hence, why
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miss a chance for some jubilation! Second, a tech-fest has all kinds of events. From quizzes to seminars to exhibitions, tech-fest includes almost every event based on public perception. So, even if someone still gets bored by the ‘geeky’ things around, there is always something to do. Therefore, no one gets bored. (In addition, if you can watch Transformers’ movies and Star Wars’ Back to back episodes and don’t get a single yawn). Third, you never know where you’ll go. Maybe you are so amazed and literally bowled over by what you see in expos or listen to in seminars or even witness in the multitude of events around that your life takes a turn and you find yourself much drawn into what you formerly called ‘the area of nerds’. Therefore, for the third time I say every college should have a tech fest. Like our college has Innovision. Innovision ’13 according to public opinion was almost partially successful. The organizing team was approved just a few weeks before the fest and they did the best that they could with limited manpower, resources, and extremely limited time. Time and money went off like puffs of smoke. Even though the hard work and dexterity of the organizing team is much appreciated, the low attendance and the indifference of NSITians towards attending their fest is very unfortunate. Also in 2013, Innovision was held along with the cultural fest, Moksha. And Moksha with its larger budget and an array of events eclipsed Innovision. Although, I wasn’t there at the time of Innovision ’13, according to most accounts it was a disappointing affair where, sadly, the diligence and the agility put in by the organizing team failed to materialize. Moving towards the present, Innovision ’14 has knocked on the doorstep. With a lot more events in the fray, Google nexus tabs on the prize tables and comparatively more time and hopefully more funds on the organizing team’s hands’, I sure do hope it becomes a great success. May the force be with you.

Read the full coverage of Innovision ’14 in the latest Alliance iNSITe. Download here: <a title=”The Alliance iNSITe Vol 2″ href=”http://goo.gl/eTaMZF” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>http://goo.gl/eTaMZF</a>