Playlist #1: Indie for Starters

By Soumya Gupta, Batch of 2017

This playlist consists of songs that talk about melancholia and our inherent ability to deal with it. Sadness, is part and parcel of our lives; moving past it requires immense strength of character, that’s probably why there are so many songs about it.
The genre encompassing these songs is mostly Indie-folk and Pop.
Most of the songs are relatively unknown and massively underrated.

So, here’s to some happy exploring.

1. Song: Teardrop
Artist: Massive Attack
What it’s about: Bereavement, and conquering it
Listen for: Them feels.

2.Song: Edge of Desire
Artist: John Mayer
What it’s about: Loving someone; then losing them, and then losing it yourself.
Listen for: John Mayer’s velvety vocals

3. Song: Thoughts of Mary Jane
Artist: Nick Drake
What it’s about: Marijuana. Drake personifies it to be his long-lost love.
Listen for: The fact that it’s about Marijuana

4. Song: Wicked Game (Cover)
Artist: James Vincent McMorrow
What it’s about: Honestly but futilely avoiding love
Listen for: So, you can watch the link in peace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeLJZ4s8ga0

5. Song: Waiting Room
Artist: The Narrative
What it’s about: The strange influx of conflicting emotions when you can feel that something is wrong but don’t know what that is. Its about being brave when it counts the most.
Listen for: The unearthly vocals

6.Song: Cherry Wine
Artist: Hozier
What it’s about: Domestic abuse, but the other way round.
Listen for: Hozier’s beautiful imagery

7. Song: I will follow you into the Dark
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
What it’s about: Comforting a loved one about to die
Listen for: Pessimistically optimistic vocals

8. Song: Set the fire to the third bar
Artist: Snow Patrol
What it’s about: Long-distance relationships and their slowly ebbing fires
Listen for: Indie instrumentals

9. Song: Slip
Artist: Elliot Moss
What it’s about: Realizing one’s self worth and striving for greatness
Listen for: Elliot Moss’ slow and deliberate voice and the groovy melody

10. Song: Walking far from home
Artist: Iron and Wine
What it’s about: Being away from home and the people you know and love
Listen for: The symbolism in the lyrics and the emotional connect

11. Song: Taro
Artist: Alt-J
What it’s about: The life of the war photographer, Robert Capa
Listen for: Sick Punjabi beats in the middle of an Indie song