Campus Crunch

The perks of being a university – N’STUD’

By Deepika Naryani, Batch of 2018

The word has been out since long and the news has gathered its share of criticism as well as laud.

The cradles of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, which has served the most capable of students and delivered the best of the lot to the software and marketing giants, can be traced back to times immemorial. The college has often been in news from the very beginning.

The beleaguered Delhi government has approved and passed the NSIT 2015 bill. We bring to you some eloquent features of the new NSTUD which are worth exalting other than its new name. (NSTUD: Netaji Subhas Technological University of Delhi, no pun intended.)

The campus will be subjected to complete internet connectivity via wireless net connection, which definitely, would not be accessible throughout the foliage of NSTUD. The campus will be centrally air conditioned, and if the rumor-mongers are to be believed, air conditioners will not be the only source of the heat-respite as the sports complex is undergoing a revamp by the construction of a swimming pool, the much needed as well as expected abstract of an ideal sports arena whose need has made all summer plans go awry until now.

New courses may show up due to the exorbitant increase in student intake. With the introduction of the new Mechanical Engineering Department, the emergence of the department of Aeronautical and Spacecraft Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Food Processing and Manufacturing Engineering as well as Textile Engineering can also be expected.

Other benefits of this approbation which might affect the students positively include organization of outstation college trips which get to the top of our list when the weary vacations and work load start taking a toll on us. Since we are talking about changes in the college and its administration, alas, we can expect the amiable-admin and its work speeded up and less hassles while opting for library cards!

A working central fountain, an open air theater and one better equipped auditorium with a better seating capacity are the utmost desires every NSITian has vouched for. Now, when the college is undergoing an upgradation to university level, all bubbles of cravings and longtime yearnings rise above the pecuniary and time-dearth barriers, hoping to survive yet again, amidst the strong winds of political agreements as well as conflicts. Also, if you’ve been a good reader and patient enough to read till the end, we hope you have the patience to wait until the contents of this article become more than the hopes of it’s writer.*

*the news and opinions included in this article are completely made up and The Alliance accepts no responsibility for their falsity.