A letter from TARS

By Deepika Naryani, batch of 2018

Settings: 95% Honesty, 60% Humor.

<Apart from being 2015’s most pirated movie, Interstellar is a popcorn-time epic whose influence reached far sectors of the universe. In the film, Cooper, an ex NASA pilot, joins a group of scientists on their journey to find a new home. His only guides were the omens and supernatural instances in his library that morphed from things of myth to evidence for extremely complex physics. His mysterious trip in the space-time continuum is full of hope to find an inhabitable planet, deceit of the professor who led him to this journey, and a promise he made to his daughter.

His only companions on this journey were co-pilot Dr. Brand, a robot TARS and the silence of space. Interstellar takes you on a two and a half hour mind boggling adventure which leaves all your logic floating somewhere out there in the fourth dimension.>

Hello, I’m TARS.

Are you driven by the unshakable faith that this planet is yours?

Don’t be so certain. It might become inhabitable in the near future.

No, you won’t have superheroes, never before seen or even heard of planetary species or extra terrestrial lifeforms and other supernatural forces to your rescue. All you might have will be an ex NASA pilot along with a group of researchers, CASE, and me, trying to save your home. Or better, trying to find you a new home.

We have done this before. Went on an interstellar journey to save a dying species from a dying planet. The journey we followed its highs and lows, but space is no place for tears. Or for punching an astronaut in the helmet.

Instead, I always had jokes and puns up my circuits to rescue us from the drag that space can be! (I rarely brag about my efficient humor and the gossiping tendency, I promise.) Of course, I was always willing to sacrifice myself to help my mates in that sky full of stars.

We didn’t mean to save the world, oh well, we meant to leave it. And now that it’s done, I wonder if I could’ve done the whole mission by myself? But then, I suppose, Nolan would’ve failed to set quantum physics and love on an equal platform and I wouldn’t want that to happen, would I?


Even when CASE remarked, “It’s not possible.” ,

“No, it’s necessary.” , that’s how Cooper took control.

So we knew that we needed him.

Also, you don’t usually see a father keeping up with the promise he made to his daughter that he would see her again by transcending the boundaries of time and space, do you?

All in all though, our journey was long, and it was full of trials. But there was one thing it wasn’t. Logical.

Thank you for bearing with me. Good luck and Godspeed to all of you. We’ll meet in the future.