Sci-fi shows you should be watching right now

By Asmita Goyanka, batch of 2017

In case you feel overwhelmed by the Star Wars mania, but would like to dip a foot into scifi nevertheless, this article is for you.

1. Cowboy Bebop

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Despite being one of the best animated shows to ever grace television sets, this show is relatively old. Airing in 1998, Cowboy Bebop set the standard for anime in terms of storytelling, character development and direction. The show follows the lives of a team of bounty hunters in a futuristic dystopian Earth. The plot features some excellent twists and turns  – enough to ensure you’re in tears while laughing like a madman, when you’re done with it.

2. Rick and Morty

An ongoing show, Rick and Morty is a brilliant adventure in madness. The show features its protagonists : Morty, as the young, adolescent high schooler and Rick, as his alcoholic and scientifically gifted grandfather. Rick takes Morty on a number of spectacular adventures to different planets, dimensions and timelines, almost all of which result in havoc and chaos. The show explores deep seated mature themes as the triviality of modern relationships, the potential harms of advancing technology and loneliness. Don’t give it a miss.

3. Doctor Who

One of the most nonsensical (story-wise) yet captivating Sci-Fi TV shows – Doctor Who makes one marvel at the extent of imagination that has gone into its creation. The show has amassed a massive fan following since it contraption in 2005 and in its 10 year long run, has given viewers a number of interesting adventures with the mysterious Doctor and his time travelling phone booth. The show’s innocent themes and storylines are a breath of fresh air that make for casual watching from time to time.

4. The X-Files

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The X Files is another cult favourite show which follow FBI investigative agents Scully and Mulder  on cases which border on the supernatural. The TV show whilst being wholly entertaining and interesting, also explored the relationship of Scully and Mulder as Scully was sceptical of the mysterious occurings and Mulder was more of a believer, which made for a good dynamic on- screen.

5. Firefly

One show that was prematurely cancelled, like many Sci-Fi greats (such as Star Trek – The original series, Stargate SG-1, etc) and probably the best on the list. It is exceptionally endearing to watch the small crew aboard the Serenity cope with emergencies in the vast reaches of the galaxy. The show is a must watch despite its extremely abrupt ending. Make sure you watch it!