How ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Star Wars’ may be the same

By Yashna Paliya, Batch of 2017

Caution: May contain an exceptionally painful amount of Star Wars references. Also may have a few Harry Potter ones. May our Fawkes be with you.

Before the fandoms of both these franchises (and their holy union, hallelujah) decide to whip out their wands and light sabers, hold your banthas, young padawans.

These are two of the most loved and revered series of all times but there are certain similarities that even wizards and jedi can’t overlook.

Many Bothans died to bring this information. See for yourself.

1.) The young protagonist: Here we go with the young  and with dead parents (apparently for Luke) and burdened with saving the universe. Deja Lu(ke), much?

2.) The best friend: Both Luke and Harry have their trustworthy buds. Though Han Solo may be way too cool for Ron. Who are we kidding, of course he is. Han Solo FTW.

3.) The best female friend: Smart, independent, and the best friend’s love interest. Princess Leia and Hermione seem to be playing a role in the same robes.  I find this lack of originality disturbing.

4.) The wisest man who dumps all his responsibilities on the untrained kid and never tells him anything but instead keeps talking in riddles: Dumbledore and Yoda have quite a thing going on. In hindsight, we could also add Gandalf to this list. What is with old, wizened men? Get a grip, you must, hmm?

5.) The evil guy: Who was a talented kid but got lured to the Dark side and has a deeper connection with the protagonist. Also, is ugly af. Sorry, Vader and Voldy.

6.) Owls and Droids: They deliver important mails, are adorable, and get killed/hibernated for no reason.

7.) Dobby and Jar Jar Binks: Good guys saved their lives, always flinch-y, and have an annoying voice. But we adore Dobby and would like to push  Jar Jar off of our Falcon anyday.

8.) And of course, JOHN WILLIAMS.

But I kid the fans. These  two are amazing in their own ways and will forever be in our dorky hearts and hard disks. And Han Solo and Hermione shall keep stealing our hearts.

PS: If you still haven’t seen the 7th installment of Star Wars, gooo lest a spoiler kills it for you or a Bajirao Mastaani sweeps it off all multiplexes.