Campus Crunch

NSIT in a Nutshell

By Kritika Anuragi, Batch of 2020

A year ago, amidst the counselling mayhem, I recall being added to the NSIT Freshers 2016 Facebook group which was dotted with the age-old question asked in countless different formats “NSIT, DTU or IIITD?” Our soon-to-be fuchas have not disappointed us on that front. The harsh truth here is that no learned saint can give you an answer. However, we shall make an honest attempt to guide you into making the right choice. An amalgamation of factors helped NSIT rank among the top 10 tech schools of the country by the Dataquest-IDC Survey 2015, a testimony to the erudite academic standards of the institute. Listed below are the various perks associated should you choose to opt for admission in NSIT.

  1. Location

NSIT is located in Dwarka, which provides a highly admirable atmosphere as compared to the far-off locations of other prestigious institutes (everyone at least knows Dwarka, do you know where Bawana is?) It is also located very close to Dwarka Mor metro station, which is just a 10 minute walk from the academic block.

  1. Campus and Infrastructure

Let’s face it. We can never match the standard of  IIT-D’s campus,  but NSIT’s peaceful environment is a good bargain. We have a decent and lively campus, and it is constantly improving. Last year, the new mechanical block was inaugurated and various other parts of the college are also in the process of renovation. The newly revamped Nescii Lawns serve as the ‘evergreen’ hangout spot even for simply basking in the sun on those lazy winter afternoons. The guitar-road is always mesmerising and we have dancing peacocks, beat that now!

  1. Academic Environment

NSIT has a very keen academically oriented environment, especially with the administration becoming all the more engaged and active for the welfare of the student community. Many students choose to work on projects under the guidance of our experienced and learned faculty. Above all, the teachers teach, you do understand how rare this is in a government institution? But don’t worry, when things get too hectic or you just cannot sit through another lecture, mass bunks are organised providing the much-needed relief.

  1. Course Structure

Unlike the archaic curriculum of other popular engineering institutions, NSIT’s syllabus was revised entirely in the previous year and several welcome changes were experienced by the batch of 2020. A Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) has been introduced and the result is calculated in terms of GPA instead of plain old percentages, which is requisite for admission in several offshore Universities. As a respite, many courses which are irrelevant to your stream are no longer a part of the curriculum. Elective courses are an added bonus, for you are no longer restricted to a single field. In other words, possibilities at NSIT are limitless.

  1. Degree from the University of Delhi

NSIT is soon to become an autonomous institution, which will come with its own set of benefits. But as of now, we stand as the only engineering institution under the University of Delhi. The batch of 2021 will graduate with the prestigious and renowned degree from the University of Delhi.

  1. Accommodation

Hostel life is one of the central aspects of college life, and NSIT makes sure you have a memorable stay. Hostels are relatively newer, spacious and hygienic. One of the girls’ hostels is lucky enough to have air-conditioned rooms and the proposal to make all hostel rooms air-conditioned has also been passed.

  1. Placements and future prospects

NSIT has excellent placement records with the highest package going up to a whopping 1.8 crores. From dream companies like Google and Amazon to the non-technical giants like McKinsey and Bain, NSITians have captured ‘em all. If you are dedicated and hard-working enough, you will definitely hit the bull’s eye. NSIT also provides a great environment for research. Also, many of our alumni have successfully grabbed a seat in premier institutions like Indian Institute of Management (IIM), London School of Economics (LSE) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT).

  1. Extra co-curricular activities

Words fall short if I try to describe the extra curricular prospects at NSIT. Our students are extremely talented and creative (we also hate studying though) and are very enthusiastic about advancing their skill set. Debsoc for debating enthusiasts, Ashwamedh for dramatics, Mirage and Cappella for the dancers, Crescendo for the musicians, are a few of the numerous societies the college boasts of. You name your interest, and we’ll have a society for it. In case we don’t, each student enjoys the liberty to start their own!

  1. Fests

Life at NSIT is never dull kyuki yaha fests kahtam hi nahi hote. Several societies have their own fests which prove to be our salvation during four years of engineering. Resonanz, the intra-college cultural fest, which was not being held since past two years due to unfavourable winds is very likely to take place this year. The annual cultural fest Moksha has been the crème de la crème fest of NSIT for over a decade now and has witnessed stellar performances by eminent stars like Edward Maya, Zaeden, Shaan and KK.


Enough of the gyaan, it’s time to answer some of the questions frequenting the NSIT Freshers 2017’s feed.

      1. Cut-off

A lot of gasbag prophets have been making remarks about the expected cut-off this year, but must we remind you that these are just guesstimates and should be treated as one, or you will find yourself on a slippery slope. Please refer the given link and help yourself with the previous years’ cut-off: https://cutoffs.aglasem.com/1533

  1. Internal sliding?

Your branch may get upgraded after the first semester based on your JEE rank, the choices you had filled during the admission process, and the number of vacant seats. However, if you opt for branch freezing during the admission process, you will not be eligible for branch upgradation at a later stage.

  1. Scholarships

The top 5% students from every branch get merit scholarships based on their scores of the odd and even semesters combined at the end of every academic year (not immediately though, but we all are hanging on to a single thread of hope, right?)

  1. Wifi?

Yes, cheer up fuchas! The academic block has wifi and all students are provided with a unique password for the same. (Priorities on point!)

  1. Dress code

Seriously, you think?

  1. Hostel food

In the words of a hosteller “Ye khaana tumhe zindagi bhar yaad rahega…”and truer words have never been spoken. But even hostel food has brownie points. You will never overeat and will learn to be on time, for the paneer in matar paneer lasts only for the first twenty minutes. Don’t roll into sorrow yet because McCain, Mini Zayka, Amul and Just Cafe are here for the rescue, and we’re also looking forward to a new fully air-conditioned indoor canteen which is currently under construction. Nevertheless, we still visit the mess every night to savour the day’s ambrosia, but mind you, sirf ek hi gulaab-jaamun milega!

  1. Freshers Party

Aao to sahi haveli par!

  1. Junior-senior interaction

Trust me, we are angels (in disguise)On a serious noteragging has been totally eradicated from the air of NSIT. We have the most lovable sophomores ever who will be your mentor, friend, philosopher and guide at every step of the way. Golden words, seniors hi tumhaare maai-baap hainNever hesitate while asking for a treat and never pay when seniors are around (get this inked!)

The entire NSIT family welcomes you with open arms to the jungles of Dwarka Mor. These four years of college at NSIT would transform you in multiple dimensions and would be the best four years of your life. Peace for now and peace for later.