Fests and Events

Moksha’18 – Day Zero

It is that time of the year again when a sense of stillness has kicked in and a chasm seems to gulp us into hollowness of the apathetic college life. The tranquility that follows after a three day bang strangely does not seem to tranquilise the hungry party demons. The organising teams are rendered with a feeling of joblessness which is rippled to the witnesses as well. Facebook bios have changed to “left job as a party animal at Moksha’18” and people still can’t get over posting throwback pictures on Instagram and retroscopic videos of the mega sensation. Interestingly, a four day holiday fest that followed this three day fest couldn’t suffice to hang up the hangover.

Arguably, Moksha’18 was a noob as compared to other pompous fests in town. But the very fact that it was ‘ours’ is a reason sufficient enough to make it special. (*changes bio from owner at owner to owner at Moksha*)

Another reason that catalysed the success of Moksha’18 was the Moksha of 2017. Analysts of the Bermuda triangle are more intrigued to know if Moksha’17 ever took place. Naturally, the 2018 version exceeded our expectations, owing to the fact that people were initially expected to have no expectations. So when you are overconfident enough to fail in an exam and you inadvertently make it through, you experience happiness which exceeds that of the person who aced it.

Isn’t it?

The three day affair left no stone unturned to cater to the demands of multifarious Homosapiens. Let’s see if they managed to turn the right ones.

Day 1 : Moksha seemed to ardently follow The Big Bang Theory. It kick-started it’s existence with crowd-pullers like Soch (The street play event) which amplified manifold with events like Battle of Bands, a Harley Davidson motorbike parade  and Moksha’s Got Talent. The EDM night managed to steal the limelight quite marginally. The stage was set on fire with a smoking performance, quite literally, as the crowd ball-danced with dust smoke (pun intended).

Day 2 : The day turned out to be a little less promising. It commenced with the portrayal of some of the finest stage plays at Parwaaz and went on with events like Mudra, Open Mic, BHR and NSIT Motorsports exhibition. People turned a blind eye to the blind date ‘Kismat connection’ for self-explanatory reasons. A relief for the love birds came from the evening ball which made the paramours groove to the tunes of love. The Band Night was a really sad scenario where the crowd evaporated in a lapse in which Maggi failed to exist.

Day 3 : Day 3 was a quirky blend of cheers at Mr. And Mrs. Moksha, thunderous claps at the Voice of Moksha, a frenzied crowd at Oorja and incessant chuckles at the Humour fest. To spice it up, Monali Thakur’s melodies were well tuned to strike the right chord with the onlookers. With this, Moksha’18 came to an end and it did justice to its name, entitling the audience to attain real ‘Moksh’.

Day 0 – Crescendo Eve

Day Zero of Moksha’18 saw Crescendo Eve kick start the festive season which has now become a tradition at NSIT. This year, the musical performance which shook everyone to the core took place just a weekend before Moksha. It saw a great turnout from students who came to listen to miraculously good music from their own peers.The crowd witnessed the versatility of society members who played not only famous pop songs but also explored different genres like Indie and Grunge. A spectacular rendition of Prateek Kuhad’s songs left the audience dazzled and wanting for more. The event did set a mood for another Moksha, making them believe that they might get a fest they deserve.