Fests and Events

Moksha’18 – Day One

Harley Davidson Parade

The march of eternally beautiful Harley Davidson bikes took everyone by storm during the first day of Moksha’18. The charm of these bikes managed to excite the hearts of not only boys, but girls as well. The motorcade, closely followed by photographers, was seen making rounds of the campus before finally stopping near the admin for an enchanting display. Students from different colleges clicked pictures with the vehicles while some of the privileged ones even managed to tag along with the riders for a bike ride in the campus. Students from other events going on at the same time came to witness the live Harley Davidson Parade, making the event a complete success.



Kalakriti, a group folk-dance event organized by Capella – The Choreography Society of NSIT, was a beautiful coming together of ethnic delicacy. An alluring way to explore and record the vast and diverse magnificent Indian culture, folk dance is a traditional that all communities hold dear to themselves. Kalakriti was a celebration of the same, it was a stage where we saw a glimpse of the folk dances in their pure and pristine forms. It was sponsored by Atiiksha Dance Company and Artistic Dance Studio. It was judged by two eminent dancing personalities – Chandni Bajaj and Anjula Gohar. The performances showed the right mix of choreography, originality, technique, synchronization, coordination, wow factors, energy and costumes which lightened up the fest and filled the crowd with a radiant energy which was simply inexpressible. Nrityangana – Indian Dance Society, SVC and Nataraj – The Dance Society of Maharaja Agrasen College secured the first and second places respectively. The event was simply marvellous and exceeded all expectations.


Fake Off

The event had a rather unusual concept where the participants had to make the audience (or judges) believe something that will be an absolute fallacy in the real world. It was organised by Nakshatra, the Mathematics and Astronomy Society of NSIT on the first day of Moksha’18. The event constituted of subsequent rounds with elimination until a winner was decided with the teams getting a new idea to prove every round with the help of their bizzare mathematical, evolutionary and astronomical theories. The questions were influenced by modern pop culture with some of them talking about memorable movie scenes while one question even focused on NSIT’s famous fountain. The event promised to be a huge success but couldn’t deliver so as the turnout was far below their expectations. The event started around an hour late at the Nescii grounds with the majority of the students at other crowd attracting events happening at the same time.


Electronic Dance Music was the highlight of the first day of the fest. It was certainly the most hyped up event of the entire fest, and mostly lived up to all the expectations. The event featured Simone Sinagra, better known as SIMON5, consistently regarded as one of the top names in the lists of Electronic Music DJ producers. Students were particularly excited about this one performance. While we were hoping for DJ Teri Miko, SIMON5 was definitely not a letdown. Students rocked the Moksha ground, embracing the beats and bass which EDMs are so popular for. We certainly did not mind all the dust which would normally choke the life out of any living human. Surely, it was a must-attend occasion for every person out there, and we feel really sorry for those who missed it.


Moksha’s Got Talent

Deriving the idea from the popular “Got Talent” franchise the Moksha Got Talent was a smashing success. Crowds gathered from all across Delhi to see the students of NSIT perform. The so called full engineering students surprised everyone not only by their soulful singing and dance performances but also by their hidden talents of Rapping and Beatboxing. The participants were being judged by a panel of 3 judges just like the original. Only thing missing were the buzzers (which, trust me, were missed a lot during some performances). Overall the event was a success and an entertaining experience for all.



Ashwamedh street was a proud host to ‘Soch’- the street play competition, that stood true to the essence of its name and left the audience in deep contemplations. It covered issues that affect millions but their panaceas remain effect less. Many illustrious teams from the theatre circuit were part-takers of this grand affair. The participants showcased their prowess as actors, directors, musicians and script-writers. This competition made a revolutionary impact by introducing compelling issues like organ trafficking, depression, emotional hygiene, homosexual equality, and more. The program was received in good light by a lively audience whose constant cheers echoed that they seemed to relate and introspect. The event evidently was a crowd puller and fuelled a rocket start for Moksha’18.


MARS Rover Showcase

This year at Moksha, the students of NSIT got an astounding chance to witness the public display of an indigenous Mars Rover. The prototype 1.0 of the rover was created by team A.R.E.S (Automated Rover Embedded Systems). The team of undergraduate students from NSIT worked relentlessly and uncompromisingly for months to construct a rover that can compete on the world stage. Before the University Rover Challenge 2018, the team put the rover on display for the students so that they too can learn more about the parameters which serve as the foundation for such a rover. The rover was showcased on all the three days of Moksha at the Admin Block. It was a subject of admiration and amazement for students with many of them even getting pictures clicked with the rover. The team was also present at the spot to tell the students about all the intricate details regarding the competition and rover itself.