Fests and Events

Moksha’18 – Day Two


Parwaaz – The Stage Play Competition, organized by Ashwamedh under the aegis of TheatreCon was another daylong of Day 2, with the top 6 teams bringing in the elements of drama, tragedy, comedy and horror. The event was a huge success with the Main Auditorium crammed with audience, and became the highlight of the day. “Treadmill” – the annual production of Pratibimb – The Dramatics Society of Delhi Technological Society stole the show by grabbing all three accolades of Best Actor, Best Director and Best Play. Treadmill explored the theme of life, how we live in a constant state of hurry and how if affects our personal life. However, the production of Miranda House – “Saara ka Saara Aasmaan” was the most applauded play by the audience. IPCW debuted with their production – “Purdah” here at NSIT. Mr. Manuv Mehra, a theatre consultant at Times of India presided as the judge. Sadly, Hindu College backed out at the last moment but their replacement – Khalsa College performed – “Outer City” – which explored the shift in mentality paralleling the shift from a rural to an urban city.


Zephyr was organized by Mirage – The Western Dance Crew of NSIT in association with Capella-The Choreography Society of NSIT. It saw participants from several colleges rocking the Admin Block, as they competed in Solo and Duet competitions. While the top three performances definitely stood out and amazed the decent crowd, the rest too weren’t easy to forget. The duet round was filled with great performers and managed to catch the crowd’s unparalleled attention with the mind blowing acts. The event was rather memorable and packed in a lot of bang in the festival.



“If you cannot bear these stories then the society is unbearable. Who am I to remove the clothes of this society, which itself is naked. I don’t even try to cover it, because it is not my job, that’s the job of dressmakers.” Kicking-off with these fervent words, Shaam-e-Manto, organised by Tatsam – The Hindi Society of NSIT, was a successful event which managed to touch the souls of all Manto’s fans with RJ Sayema’s invigorating performance. Organized under the aegis of the Literary Events of Moksha’18, this unexampled event was a heart-warming episode for all who attended it.


Mudra was organized by Capella – The Choreography Society of NSIT in association with Artistic Motion Studios on the second day of the fest. It lit up the evening, with four immensely mesmerizing performances and witnessed a huge crowd. The event featured a unique theme of Thematic Dance Performance, which is an art of storytelling through choreography. The audience was left startled by the beautiful depiction of expressions, with some performances exploring complex social issues with great ease. The Hindu College’s contingent walked away with a truly astounding first place finish. Capella also performed their annual production “The Labyrinth” in front of the home crowd after the event.  



Organised by Tatsam, Khayaal putting up a decent show, as it featured performances by Shweta Singh, Vibhu Chaudhary, Aman Jaiswal, and Arpan Khosla. All in all, the event was a decent amalgamation of poetry, humour and shayari. Arpan Khosla was simply outstanding with the Mic. His performance also saw the highest attendance by the audience, partly justifying the main stage booking for the event. His comical insights on everyday happenings were the high point of the whole event. The rest of the performances were as marvellous if not more.  The event gathered a pretty good turnout and we definitely look forward to a similar event next year.

Open Mic

Moksha’18 housed the open mic event which portrayed finesse at its best. Poets, writers and singers engrossed the audience with myriad forms of expressions, recitations and modulations. The event was interspersed with moments of nostalgia and self-realisations.The participants created an aura of inflowing creative energies as they recited their verses in synchronicity. Words that emanated from the depths of the heart, went undeviated to the heart. Some evoked contemplation, while some managed to a steal chuckle, and others stole the thunder. With a plethora of domains touched upon, the open mic succeeded in nurturing art and the artists.



Under the beaming moonlight, Moksha’18 experienced a night of pacifying music with a heart-warming karaoke night. Both the audience and the wind seemed to sway to scintillating melodies ranging from classics to rock. The performers created an aura of love where everyone seemed to embrace each other’s company. The echoes and emotions were equally reciprocated, resonating indelible euphonies and imprinting trails of memories. The ambience spiced up to an extent that the event turned out to be an imitation of the ball. Additionally, the night was interspersed with moments of nostalgia as the juniors paid their final tribute to their soon-to-be-graduated seniors. All in all, it captured the souls of the onlookers and will be etched deep in their hearts.