Fests and Events

Moksha’18 – Day Three


Querencia was a one of its kind chess tournament organised by the newly functional Shatranj, the chess club of NSIT along with Venatus, the Gaming Society of NSIT. Querencia, in its first year, saw a plethora of chess enthusiasts from all over northern India coming to participate in a blitz chess tournament which gave everyone an equal chance to show their intellectual prowess. The event had a best female player award too for the sole purpose of encouraging more women to participate in a male dominated chess circuit. The event saw a notable number of participants which seemed to overwhelm even the organisers, and therefore, the event in its debut year was a success and one hopes that the event crosses the benchmark that it set for itself.


Step Up

Step Up, organised on the third day saw an intense freestyle street dance battle between the participants. They rocked the floor on random beats and the audience experienced some heart stopping moments. Controversially, the event almost resulted into a midway brawl between two participants. However, the tension subsided soon into a fierce performance which actually won the event. The event was quite unforgettable, and provided the audience with some spectacular entertainment with all of the stage breaking performances.


Star Night – Monali Thakur

An event NSIT had been heartily waiting for. And it definitely lived up to the hype. Monali Thakur, the highly talented playback singer stole the third day (and the fest) with her live concert. The Moksha ground went gaga over her soulful performance. Along with her talented crew, she presented NSIT an unforgettable hour long melodious musical, where she sang some of her award winning songs – “Moh Moh ke Dhaage” and “Sawaar Loon”. The concert also saw the audience hopping on the latest and the evergreen beats, marked by quite a high quantity of dust in the air. There were also a couple of sweet and soulful songs, dedicated to the lovely couples present. Meanwhile, Monali also went live on her Instagram, with a beautiful picturesque NSIT crowd waving their smartphones’ flashlights towards the stage. While the pre-concert anchoring was distressing, there simply could not have been a better way to end Moksha on a high note.


Voice of Moksha

Another event inspired by an international franchise, Voice of Moksha, was organised in collaboration with Crescendo -The music society of Nsit and witnessed many great singers across all genres. You could definitely tell the audience had a good time with all the jamming and dancing. With very amazing performances and soulful songs, the event lived up to its expectations and how so!

Sumit Anand

The stage witnessed a perfect amalgamation of humour and the welcoming wits of an exemplary stand-up comedian, Sumit Anand. The event housed a monumental gathering set against a backdrop of loud cheers and frenzy. Each of his statements received a euphoric response and were retaliated with incessant claps and laughs. His jokes exhibited his acumen and were intelligently targeted for the right audience.Though his remarks turned blunt occasionally, but they seemed to hit the bull’s eye with the audience. Through his satirical comments, he also brought to light some of the deep-seated issues of society and left the spectators speculating. He went on to say that he had other plans with life and hilariously, ended up in this world of hilarity. The night ended with thunders and roars as the man managed to make this humour fest one of the most successful events of Moksha’18.