Campus Crunch

Cracking the Kraken: Roadmap To Placements

By Gazal Gupta, Batch of 2013


“70% is more than enough.” This is what most people know and believe until this illusion is broken during the placements. While the cut-off for a company might be just 70%, when it comes to short-listing the candidates for the final interview students with higher percentages are preferred in most cases. Pay utmost importance to exams and marks and maintain a balance since college is about masti too.


You don‟t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. College life is about enjoyment and fun with friends but it is also about developing your profile for future. It‟s about getting your priorities right. Be clear about what you want to do in the future (MBA, MS, Job!) and develop your profile in the right direction. For those who are planning to do MBA should get involved in activities which demonstrate your leadership skills and your ability to work in a team. MS aspirants should get involved in projects under professors like Satish Chand, Anand Kumar, Khushil Saini, Dhananjay Gadre, Pradeep Khanna.

NSIT is not the be all end all:

You need just one opportunity to get started, what keeps you going is your attitude and your work ethics. NSIT is the opportunity, to turn it into something new you have to work yourself. The “sab chalta hai” attitude commonly seen will get you nowhere. Remember you won‟t get placed just by the virtue of being in NSIT.


High package might be alluring but in the end what work you do makes a difference. Understand the profile you are applying for. Talk to alumni who are working in the company. Get first hand information about what you are getting into. Aim for a better profile, better work rather than better package.

Research about the company:

Research about the company before the interview. This will help you demonstrate your enthusiasm for the organization and help you articulate how your skills, knowledge and values match those of the organization.


Confidence and belief in oneself is one thing while preparing for the placement is another. One needs to remember that placement and it’s preparation is an entirely different ball game. It requires a genuine and consistent effort. Give yourself time to prepare for every company.

Patience and Perseverance pays in the long run:

Hard Work, Preparation, Luck, Rejections, Unexpected results all are a part and parcel of the placement journey. One might have to face a lot of rejections in the starting but it‟s not the end of the world-get some feedback and use it to prepare for the next interview.

Personal Grooming:suit

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression so pay attention to how you present yourself. Trivial mistakes in the attire can lose a winning battle for us at the same time crisp manners and a professional outlook can make the interviewer to think twice. During the interview avoid showing up in jeans, t-shirts, half pants, chappals, dangling earrings, and chewing gum in your mouth. Pay attention to these small details because the interviewer will surely do.

Personal statement:

It’s extremely important to sell your strengths to the interviewer. Highlight your skills which make you stand out from the crowd. This motivates the employer to hire you rather than the hundreds who apply for the job. It doesn’t harm to exag- gerate. DO NOT lie but don’t undersell yourself.


Well this be- comes the most important step, but I don‟t think that I need to explain anything. Once you get the job, the ordeal is over now PARTY HARD!!!