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<p style=”text-align: left;” align=”center”>By Arjun Singh, Batch of 2013</p>
<p style=”text-align: left;” align=”center”>What if Dhirubhai Ambani got scared of the difficulties in his path and not set up Reliance industries, if Jamshedji Tata had not set up TATA group? These ordinary people did the extraordinary task of getting over their fear and went on to set up India’s largest ventures. If you are one of those people who are motivated by these people to own a company but couldn’t get over your fear then this is the section for you. In this article we bring to you the interview of one such student.</p>
One such individual is Ankit Garg (Coe, 2008-2012) who along with 3 of his batch-mates started Sports n Scores, a website solely dedicated to provide regular up-dates of national and international sporting events. Within one month of its launch Sports n Scores has achieved things that seem impossible for a start-up.

In the defence of Sports n Scores, when there are other sites fulfilling the same purpose Ankit says “India is undergoing a never-ending sports revolution, and being a great sports enthusiast I wanted to create a platform which fulfils the wishes of other sports enthusiasts. The presence of other competitors didn’t hinder us from taking this forward.” With the belief “<em>No idea is bad; if you have the right team to implement it”</em>, they embarked upon this endeavor.

The journey towards this was not easy, they had their share of ups and downs but as one of his team mates says, “Ankit instilled in us a belief for the idea. He constantly inspired us and made it very easy to pass through the unproductive stages.” Another team-mate adds, “Ankit provided a free environment thus not limiting any creative freedom in the team”. With articles, match schedules, photo-gallery and news being uploaded the instant any major happening takes place in the sports world the website today has gathered a high readership for itself with an efficient and an organised team. Such is the competence of these young entrepreneurs.

The team members took their job seriously, learnt on the job, and trusted each other. With expert guidance from their seniors such as Siddhartha Goyal and Abhimanyu Sinha the start-up was raring to go after 2 months of hard work.

With long-term plans for Sports n Scores this young team believes that Sports n Scores will clear all obstacle and become sustainable. Ankit dreams of giving his full-time commitment to Sports n Scores, with the prospect of many other ventures in the fray. Being one of those few people in NSIT, who take all kinds of risks to fulfill their dream of becoming an entrepreneur he advises his juniors:
<blockquote>“Begin slowly but surely, taking each step at a time and not hesitating to try out new things. Never be afraid of treading into unknown waters, just go out and try out all your ideas. “E-times-the power of ideas” is one competition in which you can test your skills and present your ideas. Many a times you devote a lot of time and things don’t work in your favour, take things in your stride and learn from your mistakes. Not giving up and having faith in yourself are the valuable assets of an entrepreneur.”</blockquote>
We hope to see more entrepreneurs emerging out of NSIT