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Entourage Entertainment Agency

<p style=”text-align: left;” align=”center”><em>Switch off the television, don’t waste your time…Go and STUDY!!! </em>Do memories come flooding back from your childhood when your parents would explain how nothing good can come of watching various shows on television the whole day? If you agree with it, think again.</p>
Inspired by the famous TV series ‘Entourage’, students of NSIT have started a company named   Entourage Entertainment Agency (EEA).

EEA provides the right mix of opportunity and entertainment. Not only do these young entrepreneurs aim to make every event a success, but they also intent to provide a platform for fresh talent to showcase themselves. Third years from not one but three different departments have come together to set up this entertainment agency.

Presently the members are Ashit, Dhruv, Anisha, Sarvesh, Anmol, Kunal, and Sugandha. This team of 7 works together without any hierarchical distinction among them and follows the popular saying ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’.

They might be a bunch of college students however they did not act like amateurs. They evaluated the idea considering both the positives and negatives for over 2 months before giving a thumbs-up to the idea and beginning the preparations for the first event. After 4 months of hard work, EEA organized its first event at Cafe 6:10, in sector-6, Dwarka. This marginal success talks about the determination of the team.

Despite facing difficulty in finding contacts, the team agrees that they learned a lot after the first event. The major lesson being that the successful events are a combination of music, ambience and crowd, all in sync with each other.

The company has a strictly professional outlook when it comes to choosing whether a person should be allowed on the stage. The performer is given a small audience and his/her testing is done. If the performer is able to grab the attention of the audience, he/she is given a bigger platform to interact with the audience.

With the company still in nascent stage, the founders are currently working towards establishing the company’s name in the market through quality and innovative work.

EEA primarily depends on viral publicity mediums such as Facebook while word of mouth and posters contribute quite less in the publicity.

Presently EEA has 2 events lined up for January and a mega event in March to mark the launch of EEA. With the recent signing of Tantra band, EEA has proven that it means business. We wish them all the best in the future!