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Life Ahead


<strong><em>Where do you see yourself ten years down the line?</em></strong>

Do you remember what it was like to think about what you wanted to do in life and turn up with no answer? What was it like to be bogged down by different options in life, so much so that you ended up choosing the common profession such as medical, accountancy or engineering. The question “what to do in life” has haunted many intrepid souls. Some of us are lucky enough to understand our choices but many of us take this decision when it becomes necessary to choose i.e. after 10th class examinations.

The lack of exposure about available career options amongst youngsters, who are currently in high school, gave birth to an organization ―Life Ahead‖, a company which plans to provide counselling to the youngsters about their career options. Started by four students of the batch of 2012, Piyush Jain (MPAE), Rishabh Bansal (MPAE), Dhruv Akhauri (MPAE) and Naman Gupta (COE), the company now has approximately 15 NSITians as its members.

The company believes in providing information about any course from the scratch. With an introduction of a particular career to its variable aspects and the kind of work one could be involved in if he/she pursues that career. In the nascent stage, the major problem faced by the company was to create a database of the various career options.

This problem was also aggravated by the fact that the data is scattered all over the net and it is very difficult to garner the data. As it is famously said ―<em>where there is a will, there </em>is a way‖<em>, </em>the company overcame all problems and with a lot of research and hard work created a huge database of different career options which can be seen on their website (which will be up soon).

Life Ahead is an online community of Indian high school students, preparing for SAT and ―helping‖ undergraduate students at various universities in USA. It also helps students in choosing colleges by offering all the important information at one place, helps in finding financial aid, scholarships, preparatory material besides connecting students at PAN India level. They have an extensive network of undergraduate students at American Universities, which helps students in making better decisions related to SAT applications, choosing colleges and preparation.

In future, the company aims to provide information about the numerous avail-able career options to students so that they are aware of all the paths that they can choose from and lack of knowledge does not become a hindrance in their selecting the right one for themselves. It‘s wonderful that Life Ahead exists to guide people what to do with their life so that they don‘t end up doing something they detest for four years.