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My Idea Today

<em><strong>By Yogesh Arora, Batch of 2014 (http://myideatoday.wordpress.com/)</strong></em>

This idea caters to two types of audiences:

1. People who want to invest or save something while they are in the college.

2. People who face problems in seeking investment for their college ventures.

One wanting to save/invest money would agree to invest in a college mate’s business venture, if given some share in the total profit.

Other having a Business-plan, would certainly join a group of people and participate in investing nominal amount for others venture if he knows that he would, one day, be supported if he starts his own venture.<!–more–>

I have seen people having a great idea. The major problem I find in most of the ventures is unavailability of funds and inability of the founder to approach or convince investors. Why can’t we make it an easy process?


Imagine a group of your college friends. Let us say 20 in number (yes, I have  group of 20 friends ).

You decide one day that we shall deposit 500 bucks to one of the members of the group per month (you just have to skip a movie, one visit to Dominoz ,one to Mcdonalds and 1 less recharge per month).

The amount that you save per month is 500 x 20 = 10,000.

Per year saving = 1,20,000.

Now extend this to 200 students. The saving goes to 12,00,000.

Our college strength is 2000. The saving per college per year is 1 crore 20 lakhs ..


We have hundreds of colleges in Delhi. Don’t calculate the saving per state now.

Now, let us see what will people who are investing gain from their investment.

Person X invested 500 bucks per month i.e 6000 per year. In your 4 years of college you invested 24000. What will be the return?

Normally, a good business expects a return on investment (in 4 years) of 5x if the x is the amount of amount invested.

The investors get  24000 x 5 = 1, 20,000. Doesn’t it feels great, while leaving your college, you get a degree and one lakh rupees to do whatever you want to do with the it or may be reinvest /save to multiply it further. Who knows you may form a group of investors in your company as well.