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“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people – Eleanor Roosevelt
Technology Entertainment and Design often abbreviated as TED, a non profit organization, was founded to create an expedient platform for effective dissemination of ideas and innovations by organizing sessions popularly known as TED talks. The concept of TEDx has been formulated for spreading experiences and thoughts through independently organized events following certain TED community guidelines.

Following similar lines, TEDxNSIT was held on 8th April 2012 continuing the tradition for last 3 years, made possible due to the joint efforts of various student societies in NSIT. The event accumulated leading thinkers and doers from diversified fields such as music, design, social development and technology, under a common roof.

The event management team was able to put up a good show despite a lack of resources and some technical glitches in between.
The event began with an inspirational talk by renowned social thinker Andrew Humphries, who talked about the change that has manifested in the world over the past 250 years. Ritesh Gupta, a Computer Science graduate from IIT Kanpur, talked about “Leveraging in Social Network Industry.” His talk focused on the prospects of targeted marketing with limited budget directed talk plan and the applications of telecom social network. The event also comprised of several mind boggling TED videos as fillers which filled the attendees with inspiration.

The talk by Prateek Jha, a 4th year undergraduate at NSIT, displayed his profundity in the field of embedded systems and mechatronics.
Standing poles apart from the dull and vapid happenings at NSIT, TEDxNSIT was surely a breather for those who wish to gain pragmatic knowledge. Summarizing the good and the bad, the event propelled the audiences to innovate in the spirit of TED – Ideas worth sharing.
#TEDx – Talks that make us weep, talks that make our jaws drop, talks to move us to action, talks that make us feel empowered, talks that make us human.

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