Fests and Events

Moksha – Day 0

And so it begins! Moksha ’14, the most anticipated event of this year had a pretty glorious start. While it fell flat in some aspects, the Kavi Sammelan a.k.a. poetry slam, and Brahmos’s (an NSIT-based EDM group) performance turned the heat on for Moksha ’14.

To start off, the bike show, which preceded the official inauguration left everyone gasping and adrenaline-rushed. A visual treat for bike junkies and otherwise, the event was applauded and cheered on by everyone. Sadly, the official inauguration, which was to start at 4 p.m., was delayed by almost an hour and a half, irking many. The auditorium was swamped, with people occupying every nook and cranny of the place, but sadly, that wasn’t enough too. The Moksha team persistently kept on asking students to vacate seats to make place for the faculty. This wasn’t taken well by some students, which resulted in them leaving the auditorium in a rage.

Once, everything was settled, the inauguration was opened by the Director’s address, followed by a play by Ashwamedha. The themes of the play ranged from sexual abuse to the growing economic and social disparity in our society. The play was dark, powerful, and haunting. The performances were commendable.

Then came the much-awaited Kavi Sammelan, which was a laughter-riot all the way. With tongue-in-cheek poetry, the auditorium was resounding with laughter and applause. The performers didn’t hesitate in taking digs at each other, which made the entire performance all the more hilarious.

The night finally concluded with the unveiling of the Moksha ’14 theme, performed by Brahmos, consisting of two sophomores, Keshav Singh and Abhireja Shahi. Albeit it was their first performance, the confidence with which they performed, nobody would have guessed them to be amateurs. They played a couple of favorites like Don’t You Worry Child and If I Lose Myself to keep the crowd spinning, and also played an original track called Wishlist. With the kind of euphoria they generated in the crowd today, these two have a promising future in this genre.

So, with such a firecracker start to Moksha’14, we can only imagine what lies in store for the next three days. Sit tight, folks!