Campus Crunch

Surviving the Hostels!

By Anshuman, Batch of 2018

The jungles, ahem, I mean, the hostels at NSIT, are not at all as you’re expecting. So, give up on all your expectations. Yes, I said all. YES, ALL and No. You’re not getting tasty food.

To survive the hostels of NSIT, you should know a few facts beforehand –

1. FACT : You’re going to “lose” more things than ever before. If you’re lucky, some others’ might turn up with you.

EXPLANATION: This happens due to the countless times other hostel mates (read as inmates) borrow your things,but then, (plot twist), forget to return them.

2. FACT : Studying is either group study or no study. Unless of course you’re the “ghissu”.

EXPLANATION: With laptops, movies, and FIFA to distract you, and no parents to taunt you, studying drab books is going to be an uphill task. That is the primary reason due to which you will be studying in groups a LOT. Exam all-nighters are only possible if you’ve got a friend to wake you up when you take a power nap.

3. FACT: Mess food won’t do any good to your taste buds or your stomach, except for one holy day in the week-the day they serve ice cream as dessert. Slurp, slurp!

EXPLANATION : Mess food isn’t actually that bad. It’s just that it’s not any good either. You’re just stuck in the same cycle of eating tasteless, brown-coloured pulses and rice. Rajma, Kadhi, Chana – everything looks the same. Intersperse these mouthwatering meals with some pizza and burgers at times. Oh, and order before 10.30. That’s when they close the college gates. And by the way, you’re welcome.

4. FACT: Indulging in sadistic fun is the best part of hostel life. Just make sure you don’t get caught.

EXPLANATION: Most hostellers are frustrated with their lives. But life seems more colorful when you witness authorities and caretakers running around in circles after someone pulled off something clever. The Ramanujan hostel has witnessed egg fights to crackers being burst in dustbins to you-name-it. Just don’t get caught doing anything to promote these acts of rebellion.

5. FACT: Sleeping is a big no-no!

EXPLANATION: No, all hostellers don’t suffer from insomnia. It’s just that there’s so many ways to occupy one’s time, especially at night, that it becomes a challenge to sleep on time. From late night football matches to Counter Strike matchups to watching movies and to what not, sleep eludes the average hosteller. Not during the day, though!

6. FACT: No amount of preparation can actually prepare you for the hostel.

EXPLANATION: Reading this article was mostly useless.

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