Campus Crunch

FIR: Fest In Review Moksha 2017

By Perez Yeptho, Batch of 2019

Only a month back, we at The Alliance were with a heavy heart contemplating the creation of an obituary section in our edition, with Moksha being the very first entry in the column. At one point, it seemed likely that the same fest which had been the highlight of every even semester and a respite for all NSITians, for over a decade, was going to die a painful death on the front steps of the Admin after having tripped on some red tape and being tossed around by internal politics. Thankfully, there is no need for us to do so anymore as our fest quite unexpectedly pulled through, amidst much drama. While there is indeed the need for introspection and more importantly, investigation into what actually happened behind the scenes, right now is not the time to ask such questions (nor can this humble blog post do justice to the absolute labyrinthine mystery behind the workings of Moksha, next edition perhaps?). So here we are, a week later looking back at a fest that was never meant to be, yet managed to captivate us all with its tenacity and ability to rise from the dead.

The fest kicked off with a spell-binding inauguration with Crescendo Night on day zero and as the days went on, we also witnessed Ashwamedh’s TheatreCon take the limelight as one of the most enthralling experiences of Moksha. NSIT’s Got Talent was another such event that saw many students break their shells and showcase their unique abilities with confidence like true performers. Voice of Crescendo managed to do the same with a roster full of talented young individuals freeing themselves from the surly bonds of academic life. As the fabulous Mr and Ms Moksha event kicked off with the Fashion Parade happening side by side, we were reminded once again that on the correct occasions, we NSITians do have a semi-decent sense of fashion and style. While in the evenings, we were all grooving to the vibes of the EDM and Farhenite events on day one and on day two with Jasleen Royal and NDS, the afternoons were made enjoyable because of several informal events which were held around the campus.

It is easy to forget that only until a few days back, most of us were lost in the vibes of the biggest fest of the academic year. To that end, we must collectively congratulate the Organising Committee for their unfailing strength, conviction and ability to successfully pull it off, even in the direst circumstances. While it is perhaps a harsh reality (that we must all accept, even members of the OC) that this was not the finest fest this college has ever seen, we must not attempt to compare it with the likes of Engifest and Rendezvous, where the dynamics were different altogether. However, this is not to say that we begin chest-thumping and go around displaying the bravado of festive-chauvinism (if such a term were to exist). Instead we must collectively promise to never let such circumstances arise ever again in NSIT and must strive to make sure that the grandeur of Moksha remains not just a mythology, but a real and very tangible reality next year.

Image Credits : Amrit Maan Singh